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O.T. Water Delivery Co. Buy Out Billing Dispute

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  • O.T. Water Delivery Co. Buy Out Billing Dispute

    I have been with O Premium waters for five yrs. Automatic debit every 2nd of the month. Never any problems until Dec 09 when I was billed by them and the 30th by the new company. No debit for Jan but I figured that the double charge paid for Jan and Feb. Now i am also being double charged in Feb. I have spoken to at least four people with different versions never in my favor except one supervisor who said I should not be billed In Feb. If I am, call back. I was charged double Feb 2. So Now they will refund the half but bill me for both Feb and Mar Feb 18th! When I threatened to cancel my account which I never agreed to and didn't know had changed hands until I noticed the bottles with a new name, and the extra charges on my bank account. No notice, no letter until recently a letter of announcement of new take over. I was told I'd be charged for the cooler too, but I actually bought it five yrs ago when I signed up. I now have copies of the check to prove that. If I cancel, I will be charged $59 that was never in the former companies contract. I will cancel if this isn't corrected by the next bill. If they double charged all the O Premium people and not all know it, or dispute it, imagine the money they took illegally. How can a takeover take such liberties with a debit? Just because they bought them out and have a different billing cycle, is no excuse to steal from me! You bet I will notify 12 On Your Side tv and the attn general if need be! I was on the phone 40 minutes hold and arguing! I'd love a reply from Stephen but didn't want to PM him about a non grooming issue. I do imagine some groom shops have water deliveries. This new company is huge and out of Georgia and has several water names such as Alhambra and Sparkletts and others. If you choose not to post this may I still have your advice or opinions on this?
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    I just want to remind everyone that this is not a board for consumer issues as such. I will let this slide this time and advise you to get local assistance. Free legal aid and consumer assistance is out there too. I hope this works out.
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      Can your bank help you out? How about putting a "freeze" on their ability to take money out of your account? At least until you get it all sorted out. I think I'd be so mad that I'd cancel my contract and let them sue me over the cooler (as long as all the papers are in order)!

      I had a situation where a satellite radio company debited my account MONTHS after the account with them had been closed (no, I didn't owe them anything). I will think twice about signing up for auto withdraws in the future and just use my online banking...where I control what goes where and when.


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        Notify both companies in writing, certified letter, return receipt that youa re cancelling their auto withdrawal authorization. Contact you bank and see if they can do it as well, but I was told i had to do it this way. THEN if they charge you again, you can sue them. AND the attorney generals office will help you.
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          I went to my bank

          and they cancelled the debit card and I will receive a new one in the mail. They won't be able to access the new card. I do not have any address or info to contact the original company but IF I get any more over charges, by mail I will seek assistance. I can still get the refund I am intitled to back into my account. I will never allow any company automatic debits ever again. I have the $139.99 cooler /hot water, so I plan to keep using it with some companys water. There are few to choose from.This new company has a monopoly here. The weird part was the double talk and senseless answers I got from the customer service so called supervisors. They are like the soup Nazis only with water. LOL So my icon with the teddy with the toingue out is Naaa naaa na na na to D* waters.

          I am too tired at the end of the day and have no time before work for such nonsense. So be careful any of you who order water delivery, be it home or grooming shop. I hear big Gyms are doing these type practices and many companys now. I don't like it. BTW I never HAD any contract written or otherwise with the new was just transfered to them.


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            you can buy those huge waters bottles at Costco....why on earth would you give someone a debit card number?? That is an invitation to steal your identity