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Blizzard Blues.

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  • Blizzard Blues.

    Well the good news is they are calling for a possible 5 to 10 more inches of the white stuff tomorrow.
    I don't think Mother Nature really thought this there is no place to put anymore snow.
    I hear Vancouver could use a few I'm gonna do my part by putting my Sahara, and a box fan, on my roof and aiming it that general direction. As soon as I figure out what that direction is.

    The additional good news is my 40" snow pack had condensed into a 24" snow pack w/ the constitution of concrete, and w/ single digit temps at night....a tractor trailer hauling bricks could travel through my yard w/out breaking the surface.

    Even better....w/ no functioning fence for the Sibes...they can walk across the snow pack and put their little faces over the top of the split rail like little mask-faced, killer ponies.

    My poor beautiful 90 foot pine tree....huge limbage loss, most of it in areas critical to my limited travels.

    W/ the help of the Sibes, branch-chopper thingies and a bow saw, I got some of it cleaned up yesterday.

    Also spent hours shoveling andsnow blowing to open up my recessed driveway and "Free Chevy".
    I was soooo proud of myself as I looked at that 15 foot high X 40 foot long mountain of snow last night. Quite the Modern Marvel, here in MD, and I made it ALL BY MYSELF!

    I wish I had been awake when it avalanched back into the driveway. It must have been a spectacular sight in the wee hours of the morn.

    I've cancelled all my grooms thru Wednesday. Bugger.

    Here's a few more pics for those of you whining for snow.
    My "helpers" took a LOT of breaks...nothing I could do about's not like I can run after them right now? I just give them verbal corrections and lamely throw snowballs their direction. As I am not/never was athletic....I miss, and they give me irritated looks.

    Stuff is collapsing all over the place, fire station roofs, airport hangers, post office roofs and me.
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    Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.

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    Well, they Sibes look happy

    I JUST now heard on the news, the baltimore area could be looking at 1' + more with this next storm I sure hope you dodge that bullet, but any more on top of what you have really sucks. We're supposed to get more winter **** here tonight and tomorrow, which I'm going to work come hell or high water!!! I can't afford to miss any more work, lol.

    Sorry about your driveway project gone awry!


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      Oh geez Bernie!
      I thought of you when all this white pita was headin in your direction.
      Take care and enjoy your "snow days!"
      Annette, who's very graciously allowed to live with the dogs.


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        Great pic! Looks like my place. I need to call and cancel appts today too. I have a half mile lane to my shop that already has a 4 ft high wall of snow plowed up around it - another foot coming tomorrow and husband is out of the country working.

        Grooming dogs in between frequents runs to the lane to plow takes multitasking to a whole new level.

        Enjoy the snow!


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          Wow, that is nuts! You poor thing. My husband is in DC for school this week, so I know how bad that general area is. I feel so lucky to be in Kentucky. (And I am such an awesome poet too.)


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            My son did our driveway and a few of my customers are actually showing up! Hubby ventured out yesterday to get a new battery for my Explorer, and daughter's truck is dead in Frostburg. They got a lot more snow up there than we did, but they're able to dig out. This is becoming a very expensive snow storm for me. I understand that even a snow plow has gone off the road and Rt. 270 is shut down near you, Sibes!


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              I just came in from trying to fix my fence (ha...this is ridunculous!) and heard the updated forecast for tomorrow. 8 to 14 inches. oh goody.
              Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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                Geez, I don't want anything damaged...sorry for your tree loss. I will quit whining now. BTW, we are getting a few inches here...I think it will FINALLY be enough to snow blow instead of shovel. Yay.


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                  I hate that your tree did'nt make it, The dogs are the only ones happy. This has been a ****** winter for most of us.
                  ~~Everyone is entitled to my opinion!~~


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                    Wow and I was complaining about the snow here.


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                      Thanks for reminding me of why I moved to southern Illinois! The winter before I left Michigan we had 72 inches between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. Your pics just brought it all back to my mind, LOL.

                      Of course no one down here has a clue how to drive in snow, so all it takes is 3 inches to shut everything down. And I'm not kidding. On the rare occasions we get 8 inches or so, I think I'm going to go around the countryside and charge people $20 to drive their car out of the end of their driveway, 'cause everywhere you look people have their cars stuck.


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                        At least the dogs are happy. Now, get out your sled and MUSH!
                        Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

                        Groom on!!!


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                          Feel your pain

                          We have a good bit of snow here in Ohio and they're calling for more. Sat. my car was plowed in and the snow was so heavy and wet that when it got so cold it turned inot a little prison for my car. Most of my clients called and canceled but I did have a few people who called and wanted to know if I was open because their other groomer couldn't make it in. Oh well I'm hoping that we don't get the 6-8" they are calling for. Good luck at least the Sibes are having a good time.
                          "I've seen a look in dogs' eyes, a quickly vanishing look of amazed contempt,
                          and I am convinced that basically dogs think humans are nuts." - John Steinbeck


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                            Are you sure all that white stuff is snow and not your sibes in a heavy shedding cycle? Oh well, either way, better you than me. We've been lucky to have just a cold winter so far- no heavy snowstorms (yet).

                            Too bad about the tree. I hate to see stuff like that happen; hurts me almost physically.
                            The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit. ~Nelson Henderson


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                              First of all.....

                              I hope all are safe and warm no matter where you are. I feel your pain Sibes....we are also under a ton of snow....pounded by ice.....and melting now cuz of the that we have to dodge the huge icesickles everywhere....our evergreens are snow bound....they closed the post office!!! And I have been rolling my schedule since the storm that dropped 2ft on us...and now more....4 to 8".....someone really pissed off Mother Nature!!!