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Wet shaving gone right!

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  • Wet shaving gone right!

    I think I've mentioned I don't enjoy wet shaving much. I like what it can do, but I really don't like dealing with wet fur, but there are times I make exceptions. Saturday was one of those.
    Let me back up to Friday. I had two poodles scheduled for Friday. My daughter was home sick that day and I just could not get her fever uner 102, even with motrin and tylenol on board. At the last minute, about 45 minutes before I was supposed to be there, I called my client and asked if they would mind rescheduling. The dad was very understanding and allowed me to schedule for Saturday morning and told me if she was still too sick, just to give him a call. I was so grateful. I think there might be some out there who would be a bit perterbed that I was cancelling when I wasn't the one sick and hubby was home. But there is no replacement for "mom" when the kids are ill. So Saturday morning I showed up. I knew these two poodles would be horribly matted. I hadn't seen them in 8 months. When I arrived the mom asked me how my daughter was, if I was sure I wanted to do them that day. She apologized for how they looked and told me she knew they would be naked. She brought out a full wardrobe of baby clothes she had purchased to dress them in for after their grooming so they wouldn't be cold. I had stripped them once before with a 7F, so she knew how short they really should have been. Since she had been so understanding I decided to wet shave them. I washed them really well, used my RR, sprayed some detangle in there, blew them out a bit, then went at it. I wet shaved them with a 5F and then after they dried I was able to finish with a 4F. The little girl was the worst. Her ears were solid. I gently spliced the matts and was able to save the ears and give her a really cute face. Her mom always gives me a blanket to bring the dogs back in with so they don't get cold, so it wasn't until I put Bella back on the floor and took the blanket off that she could see her. She was shocked that I had been able to leave her that long! Yay, for once someone noticed and appreciated my efforts! Most of the time when I have wet shaved the owners haven't really understood how much hair I had saved them or thought it was long enough. She couldn't believe how cute she was. So then I took Benji out and did the same with him. In between the owner had my sit down for some juice and we chatted for a while. She told me her daughter was so embarrassed by the dogs condition that she wouldn't even come out and she knew that they needed to be groomed more often. She said growing up in Europe she didn't even know groomers existed but she had Golden Retrievers. But anyhow, I did Benji in pretty much the same way, he wasn't quite as bad, his ears weren't matted at all. When I came in Bella was in a pink onsie! They were happy, the dogs were happy and not looking like skinned rats.
    I normally won't try to save coat on dogs that have been matted previously, but I wanted to do something to show my appreciation for their understanding. They will be on my list of reminder cards so that they get a notice every 6 weeks or so that they need to give me a call. The dogs are great to work on and the owners are very nice. Just have to get them on a better schedule.
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    Glad you had a good experience this time! I know what you mean about clients not noticing that you left their pups a little longer, ya kill yourself to save that 1/2 inch or so and they look at it the same as a 7 or 10.. so frustrating! I just wet shaved a goldendoodle and a portuguese water dog in the same day that were both 8 months and extremely matted, both groomed 6 weeks previous(lots of snow & puppy coat change combo).. I finished with a 4 and both clients hardly noticed. Good thing I love their dogs as much as I do =)