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Off topic paint & dog scratching it off

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  • Off topic paint & dog scratching it off

    I have very low window sills in some of the rooms in my house. We are in the process of painting them & repainting some of the doors in the house. We have painted all of these things in the past & have had a problem with the dogs getting excited by the windows & scratching up the window sill paint. Also they will scratch a door if the door is closed & they want in it. Has anyone found anything to prevent the paint from getting so scratched up looking, other than to keep touching it all up or not painting them at all? I was thinking of trying to put a piece of Plexiglas over the window sills & if they began to look bad I could just replace them. This is the only idea I come come up with so far. Anyone have any ideas about this? Thanks, Terri