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First Week Didn't Suck

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  • First Week Didn't Suck

    Our first week of having the new shop open went alright. We had dogs in everyday for grooming, some walk-ins, a bit of retail sales, and lots of people stopping in to see what the new shop was. We also had the local business newspaper in to take lots of pics and write an article about us. I'm anxious to see how that turns out. The other local paper hasn't put anything in print, but they did mention us in the pet blog section.

    Now after 2 solid months of remodeling I'm really looking forward to actually taking a well earned weekend off. Well, mostly off, I've got to drive a few hundred miles to the airport to pick up my new std poodle puppy (the sacrifices we make LOL) I'll post pics of him once he's here.

    A big thanks out to Furelite for hooking us up with the puppy

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    Congratulations! Keep up the good work.


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      Congrats on the shop! And I can't wait to hear about Conner's future exploits in the ring. Have you posted pics of your shop on here for all to see? The pictures I saw were really impressive.


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        Great start! And congrats on the stpoo!
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          Originally posted by Poodleboy60 View Post
          A big thanks out to Furelite for hooking us up with the puppy
          You'll have a WONDERFUL new addition to your poodle collection and from what I've heard, you should have a GREAT show dog on your hands.
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