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  • Help meeee, kind people!!

    I'm trying to talk my bosses into a bathing system. My husband will be making it but I need to convince the powers that be that it will benefit the business and not take away from it (as in less water usage and shampoo AND less wear and tear on the groomers!).

    I will be printing out your comments so that I may show them to my bosses.


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    How are you bathing them now? Are you just diluting shampoo in a bottle and pouring it on the dog? I washed my own dog at home yesterday by hand. It took at least 3 times as much shampoo as I would have used at work. How do you pour UP to get the underside of the dog? It took me much more time to get my dog completely covered in shampoo. Then it took me much more time to rinse it off since it wasn't diluted enough. So without using a bathing system I used more shampoo, more water, and more time. I think there is also more of a possibility of leaving shampoo on the dog when it is applied by hand (not as well diluted). Good luck getting your bathing system. I'm sure with your husband making it you won't be spending much money.


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      I can not imagine going back to bathing by hand. You can easily do more dogs per day simply with the time you save. Your shampoo usage will dramatically decrease. It really works.

      Good Luck


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        help me kind people......

        Ditto on Dawn125. Once you have one, you don't want to be without it. And for heaven's sake, it couldn't be costing that much if your hubby is making it. I think when you own a biz. you have to buy the items needed, and a professional bathing system is one. tell your tightwad boss to buy one, don't make one. he will be on your case to maintain it. I worked for a boss like that for about a yr. and quit.



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          I love my Bathing Beauty. It uses a lot less water than the traditional methods, as well as less shampoo a quater size dolpet is all you need. It makes your shampoo last a least 4x longer than the other methods It gets even the dirtest dog squeaky clean. The older dogs with joint problems seem to love the power wash they seem to think their getting the best massage ever.
          Never gonna know if you never even try


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            I bought my Luxury Pet Spa from a lady who makes them here in Texas it cost me about $300. It is just like the bathing beauty. I too was going to make my own machine, But everywhere I went was sold out of the sump pump. I found the one that is the same as all of the other machines, it is made by little giant. I found mine online at Northern Tools but when I got to the store they didn't have any instock.
            As far as using one of these machines, verses hand washing. It is like clipping a dog before electric clippers came out. It is like washing your dishes by hand when there is a dish washer in your kitchen-who would want to. It does most of the work for you. I can have a large hairy husky dog wet ans soapy in 30 seconds, I spend 10 minutes "massaging" him with the spray. Then I rinse which takes much less time because he only has less than one oz of shampoo on him as opposed to a cup or more. Think about that a gallon of shampoo is 62 ounces, (I think)I can bath 62 dogs with one gallon of shampoo, as opposed to maybe 10 dogs if I hand washed. Some people claim that you are just putting dirty water and dirt back on the dog. Well think about how your dishes are washed and your laundry they are washed in the same dirty water as well and they come out clean, it is because the soap encapsulates the dirt. The seltezer from the machine, powers the dirt up and out of the coat better than any other system I have seen. Ans I have used the PRIMA. I prefer my Luxury Spa any day.


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              Right now we bathe all dogs by hand. I used a Hydrosurge before when I worked in another shop and I LOVED it!

              I don't mind having my husband make a bathing system as he is very handy and he actually likes doing things like that. I also don't mind saving my bosses' a buck or two, they are VERY good to me. I get 2 weeks paid vacation, benefits, discounts on retail AND vet care all while only working part time with every other Saturday off. Christmas bonus, too. They are great people to work for (they are a vet/kennel/retail/grooming establishment). I appreciate the constructive replies but please, refrain from the negativity. I would like to PRINT out the replies I receive on the board and show them to my bosses'.