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Designer Folly hits new low

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  • Designer Folly hits new low

    Well, it was bound to happen someday, I guess. I have heard a joke many times re: what do you call a dog who is 1/2 bulldog and 1/2 shih tzu... bullsh#$ of course.My friend Pauline who is a fellow forum member has seen these advertised in her area for 1,500$. I hope these pups are healthy,and happy. The chances of them having heritable problems,and others too from breeding extreme type dogs seems pretty bad.The poor little buggers are likely to have allergies,skin problems,breathing problems,crooked limbs,dry eye,skin fold problems,hip,elbow,If they are as strong willed,and stubborn as bulldogs,with long coats and extreme flat faces ,heaven help us! What do you guys think?
    "Everyone needs something to beleive in..I beleive I need another Poodle"

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    I think that "new low" isn't very new at all, this cross has been done many times. It's sad that people will pay that sort of money for a mutt with good marketing.