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  • Breast Cancer survivor

    Hi everyone,

    I have been grooming for about 15 yrs. This past year I went trough bilateral breast cancer. (stage 3A) I had all of my nodes taken from my left arm some from my it would be VERY BAD for me to get bit on my left arm or hand. I was real good at handling fussy pets plus the help of my groomers helper....and I would get through my hard grooms. And for the most part they would just jump around verses trying to bite me. They would give in towards the end ya know...

    PEOPLE QUIT SPOILING YOUR PETS OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry I just had to get that out!!!

    I just can't take on those risky clients anymore for the safety of my arm, risk of Lymphedema.

    Any suggestions to protect my arm??? I need protection from bites yet something I can groom in. I should always groom with protection of my arm.(you just never know) NEW CLIENTS LIE.... No "Buttercup" is a sweet puppy.."SURE LADY". I do not want to stop doing what I love.
    Please anything suggestions will be so grateful.

    Sorry I was venting a little too.....why is it that the dogs that bite or is VERY fussy always has super sissy Fluffy.....Buttercup.....cookie.....I think the pets name says a lot about the owner and the pet.
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    Congrats to you on surviving breast cancer!! You are much stronger than I am!

    I have no great advice, but I can usually tell when a dog is naughty or not. I do use my GH, and if the dog is the LEAST BIT naughty (if I were in YOUR shoes), I would send it home. You have QUITE the 'excuse' to do so, and I would tell the clients beforehand how serious your situation is.

    If they don't take you seriously, there is something wrong with them, seriously wrong.

    Tammy in Utah
    Groomers Helper Affiliate


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      Thanks Tammy....I do tell them right up front...I do not play I tell any new client if your dog is fussy I NEED TO KNOW and I tell them why. I will charge for a full groom if I show up and can not finish a dog because of behavior. They are told this right off the bat. So I do a good phone interview with them before I book new clients.

      I don't work in fear but it is always in the back of my mind ya know. I can read pretty good and can tell if a pet is going to be trouble. I will work with them twice and if the pet is not getting better I will not book the 3rd time. I'm sorry if the owners are not willing to help by working with them then sorry for ya.


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        Make yourself a pair of forearm gauntlets

        Dear Bonita69,

        My wife has a thin skin problem (she scratches very easily and it takes a little longer to heal) by her wrists and she uses a pair of fingerless gloves and nylon sleeves. They make leather sleeves (gauntlets).

        You can find stronger gauntlets and use them. A PITA but protection.

        I have included some photos and a link to the internet page they were found.

        Good Luck and Godspeed,

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          I belong to a medieval reenactment group and had a pair of chainmail vambraces made that protect my arms to just past my elbow. I don't have to break them out any more, but I had a cocker spaniel I used to do that learned if he rifled the groomer they would stop. He had major problems with anesthesia, and so they couldn't knock him out to be done. I was working for a place that worked primarily with major behaviour problem dogs. Heck, if chainmail would stop a sharkbite, I figured it would stop a cocker. I'd put on the mail, then a heavy sweatshirt (so he wouldn't break his teeth) and a pair of bite gloves. The look on his face the first time he went for me and I kept going like nothing happened was priceless. By the end of the first session the chainmail, along with a half pound of rare roast beef and I got his matted pelt off. After about 5 months, I got rid of the mail, and after 9 months, could do him bare armed. I continued to do him for the next 10 years and cried like a ninny when they finally put him down at 13. Chain mail might be a bit of overkill, but there are lots of places on the internet who would make you a set of custom leather that buckle on to protect you. Heck, you could even have them put a nice dog design on them and be stylin'. God bless you for keepin' on grooming. If you need names of people who do that sort of work, pm me. Happy grooming!


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            maybe something like these?