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  • Another Les Poochs Brush topic

    we finally got a couple, we bought a couple yellow and a purple used from another groomer and wow they make the difference. They deffinately are worth every penny.


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    wait til you try the Red MatZapper(emergency) brush.. it's amazing!


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      I can't be without my gold and silver!!!! I use them more than all the others I have.


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        Silver silver silver here !!! made all my others redundant


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          We are ordering the red ones next. Do any of you use the double wide? That was the only thing that kind of shocked me was when i opened the box it looked like a toy brush to me i was expecting something bigger lol


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            I have the silver in the wide and the narrow and wouldn't be without either one of them. They look small, but really, that's all you need for most dogs. I use the wide one on big'uns, but there's nothing that can replace them IMO.

            Now, if they'd only make as good a pin brush as their "slickers"


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              Where did you get yours? I was going to try ordering directly off the website but I was told TLC sells them? Did you get yours at TLC and if you did do you mind sending me a PM if they gave a discount?



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                i use the double sized silver for everything.
                I dont use my red Mat Zapper at all anymore because the silver does as good or better without as much coat damage ,even on big fat stubborn mats and undercoat.I did recently pick up the Zapper and one brush stroke made me cringe - seemed so harsh compared to that silver one.


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                  I'm a bit disappointed with my red mat zapper...It works great, but it's SHARP & the pins seem to be all whack-a-do already & I only bought it this year at Hershey & I take good care of it.
                  IDK....for 60 bucks...mmmm, thought it would've held up better.