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working at a super store

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  • working at a super store

    If anyone has experienced (good or bad) working at a Petsomething please send me a PM.

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    Working at a Pet Superstore

    Yes, I work at one of the Petsomething stores. There are three different major Pet superstores in my area and I won't say which one I work at, but hear they are all basically the same. Pros - good commission 50%, health insurance, 401K, life insurance, and paid vacation and sick leave. Cons- you are on a schedule where you have to work a full 8 hour shift (usually, depends on needs of salon), and some days you may only have one groom (other days you may get 4 - 7 grooms). I'm happy where I am, lucky enough to have a great manager and nice co-workers. Give it a try, it may work out well for you. Good Luck!


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      just curious. You said you have to work 8 hrs but may only have one dog. Do you get paid an hrly rate also ?


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        Yes, there's an hourly rate so you always get a paycheck even in the lean times. That's one of the perks of working for a petsomething.


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          I currently work in a corporate salon. I can honestly say that they keep me very happy.

          The schedule that I work is the best schedule for me. When something comes up, I inform my manager and they will change my schedule. I get 50% commission, and in times that work is super slow, I get a very good hourly rate. I also get 15% off everything in the store, and 35% off all products grooming related.

          I think that aside from owning your own grooming salon, corporate salons are the next best thing. I will stay with my salon for as long as they will have me. I have absolutely no desire to work in a private salon.


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            I started out at petsomething, and I really liked it. The grooming training is FREE and you get paid while doing your grooming training until you get on commission. They have great benefits, paid vacation, paid sick, cheap health care. You can't argue that those perks are nice.

            For me the down side was all the corporate bull ****. All the safety regulations, while yes some of them are VERY necessary...some of them are just ridiculous. Every time they get sued or have a customer make a big enough stink over something, a new safety rule comes about. The thing that irked me was that the reason some of these accidents were happening was because they didn't exactly hire the most qualified people. Granted every petsomething is different. I worked at 3 different pet somethings and all three were managed very differently. I think it is hit or miss when it comes to petsomething. You can go to one that is managed wonderfully and the groomers are skilled and enjoy their job. Then there are the petsomethings where the managers are horrible, the groomers are bitter, and it has an overall bad atmosphere. The other thing I didn't like about working at petsomething is the hours. I hated having to work til 9pm some nights and I hated having to work holidays and weekends. I also hated that you couldn't go home if you were done with all the dogs on your had to stay your full shift. THAT SUCKED. I hated sitting around while we were slow.

            Anyway, I think overall petsomethings have a lot to offer if you are able to deal with corporate structure. I am a stubborn person and I like being able to have the freedom to do things differently. I like being able to use what products I want to use, to work what hours I want to work etc etc. I worked for pet something for 3 years, and while it was good experience, I was very ready to move on to something else when I left.


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              I work for a corporate store and I think its easy to forget how spoiled we are. Electric tables, shampoo mixers, multiple dryers, stainless steel cages, benefits etc...I owned my own shop for 17 years and now am on year 5 with corporate. Having looked around recently, I realized just how good I have it. Working a few days a year that I don't want to is NOTHING in trade for being able to walk out the door at the end of a shift and knowing I don't have to think about it again until the next day. Or knowing that while I'm on day three of vacation, I'm still getting my paycheck on Friday!

              That all said, the first salon I worked at was atrocious, not the salon itself but the people in it. But that can be said for private salons too. Trust yourself.

              who finally made it out to California!


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                I worked at a petsomething for about a year in the south. We had a very busy salon and our rates would equate to that of a mobile groomer. We had about 10 groomers on any given day - yes the place was huge.
                Good money with the possibility to earn much more. Whatever you could handle, you take.

                The bad? Too many managers who knew squat about grooming (local/district/inside mgrs ect) trying to change everything 'for the better'.