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Valentine's Day Cookies

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  • Valentine's Day Cookies

    Hey, I found the cutest Valentine's Day doggie cookies at the new dog bakery up town, she just now is online, didn't think I could post the address so I guess if you want it, email mail me.
    She makes the cutest birthday cakes too..has collars & toys. I bought my jdjog a squirrel tree trunk with 3 little squirrels in it for Christmas and my dog loves getting the little squirrels out of it. cute...
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    Those are very cute cookies. I really like the iced scottie one, but then, I'm partial to terriers. Pity she's not closer. I should go see what the local dog bakeries are offering and pick some up. Thanks for sharing the picture!


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      Cute cookies

      what is the frosting made of? I have that tree trunk and squirrel toy. I bought extra squirrels and have them all over the place. My dogs love them because they are small. They don't take them out of the trunk because I need to find it first. I also have the bee hive with the bees too. I have a doggie cot full of toys. They wash well, and the squeekers are long dead. Those dang things still look good even with those few string whiskers still on. I say "Wheres' your squirrley....go get your squirrely." The beaver I call Beaver Cleaver, and one knows its' name. Now I'm hungry for some human cookies with frosting on em'.


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        This shop's name is From Scratch Pet Bakery figure you might be able to figure out her web site.