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    Is it just a little dog thing? It's raining again & again I find pee & poop in the house! I let them outside to potty & left them out there for about 10 min. When I peeked outside through the window they are both just sitting by the front door. I have a min. doxie & a basenji Or Shiba Inu mix? Ugh!!! Never had this problem when I had GSDoggies.

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    Yes, afraid so

    Yes, little dogs can be VERY aversive to the wet and cold, far more so than any large dog I have had.

    When it rains, just pen them in on an easy-to-clean floor, like a kitchen floor. They would mostly rather toilet in the house than get wet feet, although it helps if you go out WITH them; then they often relax and "get down to business", even if it's a bit uncomfortable for them.


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      Yes, by all means, it is a small dog thing. My cockapoo used to do the same thing. I fixed that problem tho. I found out that if I actually took an umbrella and walked her under it, she would do her business. She just didn't want to get wet, of course she didn't care if I did or not, as long as the rain wasn't coming down on her, she was fine with it. But that solved the poop'n & pee'n inside on a rainy day


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        it sure is!

        My English cocker will run outside and sit in the middle of the yard in the rain. My MinPin? He'll run outside and pee on the first available thing and run right back for the door. My tiny poodle? She'll look outside and if it's inclement, she heads right for the bathroom floor and looks for the piddle pad I leave down at night for those just in case things. She hates*Hates*HATES getting wet when it comes potty time.


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          I bought belly bands recently

          I LOVE Them! The pads are $1 at the dollar store. I was tired of the pee in the grout problem. Now, If there is a puddle I know it was my girl. I guess I need pants for her too. They will go out in the rain, but I close the dog door when I am not home, and they won't wait. I can't blame them if the door is closed. Pee pads? They would just shred them. I think they would prefer a roll of paper towels to a squeeky toy.


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            I haven't trained a small dog to do this but all of my labs and lab mixes are taught the cue word "go potty" and they can pee on cue. During the potty training and after I would follow them around and say "go potty" over and over (neighbors must think i'm crazy) and treated when they went number one and two. Dogs started associating urinating and defecating with the cue "go potty". Its a fun trick to show people, I'm not sure how well this cue would work on a little dog that hates the weather but it could be worth a try. Its also a great trick for those mornings or walks when you don't have 15 minutes for the dog to decide where and when to go. That's when I appreciate it the most!


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              My pom doesn't seem to care if it is snowing, now if it is raining that's a different story. Panda doesn't mind the snow at all. There have been times that I've had to call her in because she just is enjoying her self too much. Rain....I almost have to push her outside, but once out she will hurry and do what needs to be done and get right back in.

              My old Min Pin, Pixie, hates the snow and rain. She'll run out (of course I'm right behind her) but she is back at the door too soon and after she gets back in the house (about 30 min later) I'll find a pile of pooh. But I tell myself I'd rather have the pooh and not the pee (she will pee outside, doesn't take her long to do that).

              Toby the Shih, nothing seems to bother him. He knows what he is suppose to do when he goes outside.
              "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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                Uggh, bugs the heck out of me. You are all so nicey nicey, lol.

                My JRT will look death in the eye (and mock it, to boot) in every imaginable way. She would scale Mt. Everest if a squirrel ran up there or take all of her 12 lbs. to challenge Michael Vicks pits, but every once in a while she balks at getting her pink little tootsies wet.

                I will admit I do not indulge it. If she refuses to go off the porch, I will put my coat on swoop her up and march outside to the middle of the lawn and plunk her down. Ha, now they're already wet, you might as well pee.
                The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit. ~Nelson Henderson


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                  i don't know if you use crates or not...

                  my mini poo was having a problem with pooping in the house last winter. i would take him out, he always pees immediately, but would insist in going back in that he did not have to poo, then he would poo on the floor a few minutes later. he got away with it a few times, i'm sure, cause he is also a poo eater, and would eat the evidence...

                  i started putting him right back to bed, and in about 20min i would take him back outside and he would poo. i do potty my dogs on lead as we live in town and no fenced yard, so i know if they go or not, and i am out there with them in the rain and cold.

                  my best advise watch them close, and unfortunately get out there with them and make sure they go otherwise no free reign of the house. if you do not crate, keep them in the room with you where you can catch them if they go and correct the behavior.

                  he has been good this winter..knock on wood


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                    My two little ones do it too. My shihtzu sneaks in the bathroom and pees on the bath mat. I think she thinks we won't know. My standard poodle never goes in the house. She will run outside in the rain and hurry to go. I have been considering one of those potty patch advertised on tv.


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                      Yeah my little guys cringe at the thought of going out in the rain, but they'll play in the snow til you make them come back in. I don't get that, it's even colder! I've made a section on the porch for them to use on those days,tossing them out on wet grass just makes them go fetal lol.


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                        Puppy Pads

                        I had the same problem with my little dogs, they are very furry and I hated for them to get wet, so when I started working 12 hour shifts, they needed a place to go, so I pad trained them.
                        Instead of puppy pads that are so expensive I buy the bed pads for incontinent people, they are larger, more absorbent and the dogs use them. No more accidents except for my older shih tzu who doesn't seem to realize he is even going.
                        they work wonders and I put down one set of 2 pads a day, they don't smell, and if they deficate on them I remove that immediately and have no problems, they will use them again. Like a diaper they absorb the urine and block the smell, so it is now all good, and now more filthy dogs in the house as they only really go out in the good weather!
                        Not a solution for all, but It saves me from stepping in something at an unexpected moment and almost killing myself in the middle of the night when I got up to pee!
                        Not sure how I survived that many slips without actually hurting something bad!
                        Little_Critters on e-groomer


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                          My big guy never goes in the house unless he's sick. He goes out, does his business and come right back in, no matter what the weather is. The little one hates to get his feet wet and will sit on the steps under the porch and watch big dog go potty, then as soon as he comes back in, runs to his puppy pads and does his business. He's a year old and still using puppy pads?? guess I'm lucky he not going all over the house. What I don't get is he hates getting his feet wet, but will dig in the yard untill he's covered in good old SC red clay. The strange workings of a Terrier brain, water is bad, but red mud is ok???? hehehe


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                            Dachshunds don't pee in the rain

                            You would think, bred to be hunting dogs, that weather wouldn't bother my LH Dachshunds. They love the snow and think blizzards are about the best thing in the would think they are going to melt if you send them out to potty in the rain. Running a field trial is a different story - pouring rain, blistering heat - they still go after the bunnies. We do go out with them here at home because of "wild thing" hazards - coyote, bear, eagles, fishers, etc. Eventually they do go in the rain, then all 14 of them need to be towel dried. Wish I knew what they're thinking!!

                            Good idea on the incontinence pads - we use them for the whelping box, too.