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Errrr..Wheaton issue

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  • Errrr..Wheaton issue

    Today my boss got an email from a client whose wheaton I groomed yesterday. He comes in and she tells me he's itchy, has bumps, let her know if I see anything. She always wants this guy in full wheaton groom, the first time he came in he was a wreck and I had to #7 AO - no issue, 2nd time able to do wheaton groom. Now 2.5 months later comes in, wants wheaton cut. I advise her that (of course) he legs are too matted (pelted in parts, how could she not tell?)

    I start working on him, he has fleas and sever skin dermatitis on groin, chest, under front legs. I call her, tell her he has fleas, probable skin infection, needs to see vet who will probably prescribe antibiotics.

    She picks up, disapointed that I had to use a #5 all over. Tells me she has capstar & program for fleas. I explain that that's probably not good enough flea control!

    So in this email to boss she says I didn't trim the nails enough (I did, his quicks very long) and that my razors (what??? excuse me? razors?? a #5 isn't that short!) cut him and he's bleeding. She wants her money back and us to pay vet bill. !?!?!? She's got pictures & video.

    I'm pretty sure he's itchy from being clipped and because of his skin infection, but the clip was long enough not to cause clipper irritation. He's probably scratching with just clipped nails. And he's got a really bad skin infection that I told her about! *sigh*

    Luckily my boss saw this whole situation and understands and is standing by me on this one.

    I'm writing up a skin issue/flea grooming waiver TONIGHT!

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    My opinion, he had fleas that were not under control. he also had a pre-existing condition. I would not pay the vet bill and so what if she never comes back? Who wants a client like that?


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      Originally posted by k2p1e View Post
      My opinion, he had fleas that were not under control. he also had a pre-existing condition. I would not pay the vet bill and so what if she never comes back? Who wants a client like that?
      Yep me too-and I usually side with clients-this one is unreasonable


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        Next time you need to take pics, of all matted messes or just anything that doesn't set well, I don't know if more of this happening, or, we are talking to each other and hearing more, does seem to be a trend, lots of vet probs blamed on groomers suddenly.
        ~~Everyone is entitled to my opinion!~~


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          Wow, I had nearly the same thing happen with a wheaten here. I sent the client a letter explaining that wheatens need to be groomed every 4-6 weeks, and all that good jazz about what matting causes. I CC'ed her vet so that she saw it on the letter (vet offered to call her himself and say it was HER fault. I don't work for this vet; I am a private salon), I sent copies of the pictures I took while removing the matting, and I enclosed a copy of the release form that she had signed, highlighting the big paragraph that addressed matting.

          Never heard another word. I do not pay medical bills due to owner neglect.


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            that sounds very stressful. The dog now has no hair protecting his skin from his own scratching so it's not unlikely for him to make himself bleed. You should want to see the pictures and video to see what she's talking about. I hope it gets resolved soon!
            damnit, I want a white poodle!


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              The dog had a pre-existing skin condition probably caused by flea bite irritation. You did not cause the problem, you just uncovered it.(from the matted pelt it was hiding under) If his nails had not been trimmed in 2.5 months, the quicks were so long you probably could not get them as short as she would have liked, but would she rather you had quicked her dog so she could gripe about his nails bleeding?

              The vet bill is hers, 100%. Glad your boss is standing up for you on this one. We groomers get blamed for everything under the sun....GRRRR!!