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  • doberman lovers

    I know of some nicely bred dobermans 6 months of age and up that need homes. If you are interested in more information please pm. Thanks
    Sandy V

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    Awww, I used to have a dobie! I LOVE them, unfortunately mine came with lots of health issues...give them all kisses for me!


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      oh where are they located,im looking for a pet friendly male i have cats and other dobies


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        Yes, tell us more; I lost my 15 year old dobie girl, Bailey, last spring.
        Still have nearly 8 year old Lance.


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          More info would be nice. My brother and sister in law want to get a dog and I've been telling them to get a Dobie. They move into their new house at the end of the month.


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            The dobes

            Are in Delaware. I am trying to help a friend find homes for her dogs. They come pretty healthy long lived lines. I know she has told me of some of her dogs going easily into their early teens. They are beautiful pups. Personally I think she is asking too much money for them since they are a little older but she does have a few that are show quality. But I think if I tell her I have a list of people that wants these pups we can work on her on price. So anyone that is serious about a pup pm me and I will give you my ni
            umber and hopefully we can get some of these pups into homes.