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  • Help with Schnauzer hair

    I have a white Mini Schnauzer who is losing hair on it back. The Thyroid test have come back on the low side of normal, so the pet is on thyroid meds. He is eating only a vet recommended dog food. The last groom used a #10 on the back instead of a #7f. Could he have been clipped too close and caused damaged? The coat according to the owner has always been soft not wiry. There are no sores on the back or any skin issues that the Vet has detected. I have heard that the folicials can become clogged but not sure if that would cause this problem. Any suggestions???

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    i have a white schn that has the same issues with thyroid. Her entire back end the hair is very wiry and i have never clipped her shorter then a 5. From what i understood after the soft portion of the hair started falling/getting chewed off it grew in wiry. I didnt see her for a few months and then wham! wiry yellowish hair.


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      Actually shaving a schnauzers coat does damage the course hairs inhibiting the regrowth.One reason they strip schnauzers coat is to remove the softer coat to encourage the wiry hair to grow thicker, shaving reverses that effect depleting the wiry hairs regrowth. I myself do not hand strip although I did the research when I owned a schnauzer how to keep his coat wiry. Many groomers when considering a schnauzer pet trim try to copy a stripped schnauzers appearance not realizing they are actually damaging the coat and will not get the same effects by using a #10 creating the almost bald look. I use nothing shorter than a #7 if I can help it and even that can be damaging . this link will explain a lot about stripping and how it is removed in select stages and patterns for a desired regrowth and appearance.


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        I don't like doing it, but I've clipped many schnauzer backs with a 10, and even a 15 for some owners. The hair never had a problem growing back. Takes awhile for the thyroid to kick in, but I'm guessing the coat will come back (unless the dog has other health issues).
        Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

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          The hair loss is a symptom of hypothyroid. After the dog has been on the medication for a while, usually 1-2 months, the dog's thyroid needs to be retested to see if the levels are within the normal range. Until the thyroid levels are sufficiant for a couple of months, there will not be any improvement in the hair growth.
          Lisa VanVleet, RVT


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            [QUOTE=pooh13;387754]Actually shaving a schnauzers coat does damage the course hairs inhibiting the regrowth.QUOTE]

            No, it doesn't. It will soften the wire coat (why is a bit difficult to explain in words, but a microscopic examination of the hair shafts says it all), but it doesn't inhibit regrowth, and it doesn't really damage future hair. You can't damage hair that doesn't exist yet. If you leave it alone for a while, then strip it, it'll come back just fine. You'd have to burn the heck out of the skin, damaging the follicles, to effect regrowth.

            When the hair doesn't grow back, or grows back slowly, it's a medical issue. Unfortunately sometimes it's difficult to find out what that issues is. It's already been determined that hypothyroidism is a factor. But it may not be the only one.

            Thyroid issues often go hand in hand with Cushing's disease and diabetes. Both should be ruled out. After that, there can be hundreds of possible disorders, and it's up to the owner just how much money they want to spend doing the detective work to find out what it is. Most owners are not really willing to spend that much, and we never know.

            Sometimes stripping the coat will encourage regrowth and harden the coat up a bit. But not always.


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              Once the medical issues are treated, the coat should start to grow back. I'd card out the back to promote new growth and probably not clip closer than a 4 or 5. I have a lot of experience with clipping Dandies and then deciding that I want them back in a stripped coat. Takes a while, but can be done.


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                wait for the meds to kick in

                Once the meds start working the hair will grow back and probably be wiry until you clip it off. Try using an 8 1/2 blade.
                Schnauzers are one of the most difficult coats to strip. I hate doing them- and that says something cause I will pluck just about anything. In fact only the standards are the only ones worth doing in the pet world. The good coats are usually kept by breeders and since few people out there strip any kind of dog it's a rare schnauzer you see plucked. I haven't done one in years.


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                  sorry I should have worded that differently, I meant the wirey hair will come back soft.. that is what I meant by inhibit wiry regrowth making the coat softer and mat much easier.yes I agree hair falling out or not growing back are most likely underlined by a medical condition more so than a grooming thing.


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                    Once the med stuff is taken care of...

                    I recommend Eqyss Tek Rebuilder shampoo. I have seen yorkies and schnauzers with thinning, weird hair benefit from this. I also use it on my poodle with SA and it really helps!!