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My turn- possible vet visit

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  • My turn- possible vet visit

    I will of course offer to pay the vet visit since the pet was in my care at the time of the incident, however, there is concern the dog may aggrevate it on his own once released form my care.
    Here is the situation:
    Dog is an obese schnoodle who fidgets and pulls for legs and feet. I was accessing the inside of the right rear leg by lifting up the left by bending it up, within a normal range of motion, with my forearm resting against the underside of the dog to provide him support.
    He twisted and tried to pull away and hop all in one motion. I noticed he was holding his leg- the one I had off the table- up and slightly away from his body. I gave him a moment to see if her would put it down on his own and he did. At this point in the groom, I had clipped the whole body, done the sanitary and was finishing the back legs. I encouraged him to sit and finished clipping the front legs and face. I did not clip the feet or nails since he always pulls for them and I was concerned that pulling would aggrevate something that would be sore. I explained the situation to the owner, and she was understanding. Then I put the dog down and he ran around doing the yay, I'm clean and pretty dance and jumping up and down off the furniture and running away from us. We were watching him do all this and I told her that well, he does not seem too traumatized at the moment, but it may stiffen up overnight, so keep an eye on him for any limping in the morning.
    So, I had up to that point done the responsible thing. If he aggrevated the injury by his antics, would you only offer to pay half the vet bill or the whole to keep client goodwill? She insisted on paying and we have a time for Friday to finish. I will be checking in with her on lunch to see how he is, but I did tell her to call me right away in the morning if he was not well, so I could be worrying about nothing.
    I went over it in my head to see if something in the mechanics of how I was holding the dog could have prevented the injury, but I came to the conclusion that it was just one of those things- like when we move fast to catch something and feel that ow, something twinged type of thing.
    It just sucks that it is a sweet dog with the nicest owner. I will only scissor the inside of the back legs to prevent a reoccurence, but it could just as easily have happened from clipping the pads or nails the way he fidgets.
    Does anyone have an obese pet release that releases them if the injury is exacerbated by their dog's weight?