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  • Demo Dogs For Pasadena

    Does anyone have any pet style trims that can be used in the Kenchii Booth in Pasadena? I am looking for models. Thanks!

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    Although nothing would give me greater pleasure than to say my dog was groomed by Lisa Leady, Im afraid my lab probably isnt what you're looking for....

    ...unless you wanna get creative and color him!
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      Would you like a shaggy schnauzer? I was going to compete with him, but I decided not to with being unsure of my family situation. He has not been clipped since November.


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        Lucy I would love to do a schnauzer if you would let me. Puppy, does your lab have a lot of coat? If it does I would love to play around with it. Kenchii has a razor out that I just love to use on Smooth coats. Please PM me if either of you will let me use your dogs so I can figure out a schedule!!!


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          If I lived closer I'd love to let you have at my shih-tzu. She has great hair to scissor, not typical shih-tzu hair.


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            I have a standard poodle with a lot of coat if you're interested. I got him shaved naked from a rescue in Sept and haven't touched him really 'cept for the face, feet, and tail. You have a lot to play with! And he's a doll on the table. I live locally.
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              A Standard Poodle. Any interest in a Spay coat Brittany? No shaving but a lot of carding and blenders can make her smooth rather than looking like her paw was stuck in a electric plug?
              Money will buy you a pretty good dog but it won't buy the wag of it's tail.


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                Lisa's going to use my Brittany on Friday. I won't be there, going to work, but like Brittanys should she has a lovely temperament and will enjoy the extra attention. I'll be going later for the So. Ca. Groomers Association meeting.

                I told Lisa at least this is one way for sure I'll get to meet her, lol.
                Money will buy you a pretty good dog but it won't buy the wag of it's tail.


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                  How exciting for you and your pup! I'm jealous you get to meet Lisa.