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  • great news! OT

    Today my husband came home and handed me a letter. He works for a local job corp and, though not sure how it all works exactly, the federal government contract out for who gets to run each job corp. Well the last contract was up so they renegotiated a new one with the same company. But the contract included a salary increase for everyone. he knew this was coming but had no idea how much. Well the letter today was the official explination and he is getting a $4K raise! I can't believe it! we can really start to pay off some debt and maybe get in a better place to eventually get a nicer house. Get those credit scores up and all. And I can send more to John to pay for the new rig each month. It's such a blessing and will be a great help. We've been on such a tight budget. And his raise is retroactive to teh first of the year so this check will be a little more than usual and we can get him some new tires and maybe even a new windsheild. (We went on vacation and came back and it had a huge crack across it). I'm so excited. I get excited over being able to get those things taken care of because it's one less thing for me to stress about! I'm also the wife who asks for vacuum cleaners for her birthday and toasters for christmas! I'm weird. his job is SO hard and stressful, but this will make it a little easier at least. I've never had a job where I have been threatened with bodily injury monthly or more, etc. 80% of the students are involved in some kind of gang, they know there are weapons on campus, fires have been set, etc. It's REALLY stressful. But at least now he'll feel like he's being paid enough for all he does, almost.
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    Hurray for You Guys

    It is so nice to hear a positive story during these economic times. Actually getting a raise, making more money ... that is just unheard of these days.

    Soooo nice. Enjoy!


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      That is great news!! Makes life a little easier.
      Lisa VanVleet, RVT