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Had to share my "doodle"

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  • Had to share my "doodle"

    Pray you never get one of these in to groom, it's the biggest hairest big and hairy I've ever seen. He's half great pyrenees half komondor, I got him as a guardian dog for my chickens. apparently that cross is pretty common in the midwest for guardians. I also picked up a pure GP when I got him, and I'm glad because my mom stole him!! So he went from growing up in a goat pen to chicken dog to apt dog. He's more than happy to be a 'guardian' of my mother and her old westie, and is the sweetest goofball ever. I was amazed how he could walk through chicks the size of his foot and not step on a single one. Anyways here's a pic of him next to the GP female.

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    I love him! He's adorable!


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      He's very handsome!