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what to do with broken blades

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  • what to do with broken blades

    can you recycle them or anything? I have a few from my snap on fiasco just wondering what usfull thing can be done with them.

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    I have seen people pull them apart and weld a metal handle onto the back of the main section with the teeth. Insta shedding blade.


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      You can take them apart and save the pieces that aren't broken; screws, spring, cutter, etc. You never know when you might need them. And you can always use them to card out undercoat.

      If they're really busted up badly, they can be melted down. But no scrap yard is going to pay you for them unless you have a ton of broken blades...and I do mean an actual ton. But a "scrap man" will take them off your hands.


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        Save them for parts or send them to me


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          I forgot to mention, if the teeth are broken you may be outta gas, and you just salvage the parts. But if it's something else that broke, they can usually be fixed. That's why you want to keep those spare parts around.


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            Talk to your "blade guy"

            I give mine to my blade guy and he uses them for parts. Talk to who sharpens for you and ask about a "credit" for when you need a part then give them to him.


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              Our blade guy appreciates it when we give dead blades to him because he uses the parts to repair our blades that are fixable.