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  • Blenders!?

    Hi, I was taught only with 46-50 tooth thinners, and was wondering what 26ish tooth blenders do. What situations are they for, how do they work? How many people use them? What brands people use (starting to fall in love with dovo thinners, just bought a pair at a dog show)? How valuable they are to haircutting? Please help, feel dumb been doing this for 4 years and have never used or seen them used?

    Thanks for the help ahead of time....

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    I use them all the time for chunking out mats and doing feet on dogs like Goldens.


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      Do you have a preference on brand, teeth, length etc.? Also what would be a good tool to get rid of uneven layers from comb attachments? Thanks...


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        I've never used them but saw them used in a seminar ( i think it was jodi murphy and someone else) they used them to smooth out after using a comb mostly, looked really smooth and fast. if i did more big dogs i'd get some.


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          Some groomers use the more aggressive blenders/thinners for finishing coats such as poodles, etc. They do make for a nice smooth finish

          As for choppiness from comb attachments, I use my 40 tooth Kenchii's.

          I think the long Oster 26 tooth blender has gotten some good reviews and I'm probably going to get one very soon. I think Petedge is having a BOGO sale on them right now.