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Lisa's Kenchii shears...

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  • Lisa's Kenchii shears...

    Does anyone know when Lisa's personal line of Kenchii shears will be available?

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    There out and I love them.. contact her..

    Stephen: There is a 10% OFF Kenchii button in the left column of every page of this board, and that belongs to Lisa. Thanks.


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      They already are. Just contact Lisa.
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        I used them when she came to my shop a few weeks ago, and they are LOVELY! Getting the set as soon as I can.

        I just emailed Kenchii yesterday, asking if there are pro photos of them somewhere. The only photos I know of were taken by Gracy Rose. I have an interview with Lisa about them on my neglected blog. The link is in my signature.


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          I wasn't sure if they were out yet, because I went to Lisa's page and they weren't on there, and they weren't ont he Kenchii site. Do any of you know if she has any pics? or do any of you know the pricing?

          Stephen: Do send her an email if you don't find you answers.


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            Yes, Do contact Lisa. I bought my last Kenchii's from her and she looked far and wide to find the ones that I wanted (they had been discontinued). Not only did she find them but got me a deal, too. She's a pretty awesome lady. Always willing to talk to you.
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