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    Since the owner of my shop has been diagnosed with cancer I haven't worked in over a month. I'm just hanging on waiting to find out what is going to happen with the shop. I love where I work so I'm not moving on just yet(see my last post). I just feel like I'm going to get "rusty" not doing anything, espeically since I'm still in the begining stages of my career. Anyway just wanted to vent a little and this is just place to do it.

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    I did go back and read a little of your earlier post. Did you talk to your boss at all about what she is thinking. I know she has a lot going on right now. I think I would go ahead and look for another job, even if it is just part time on the weekends. I know sitting around not grooming you will get rusty and where you have just started out I don't think your boss would want that to happen.

    Is there anyway that the shop could be open for shorter hours, just to keep it going and giving you a few dogs a day to keep you skills up?
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      My step-dad just died last week of cancer, that is part of the reason I haven't been online as much lately. My mom is a basketcase, and he didn't "help" the situation, but it goes to show that when a person is told they have cancer, they hear, "Death sentence," and they can't function. Right now, she (your boss) probably does not care about anything, she's taking care of herself. Ok, you probably already know all of this, I am just speaking from my personal experience. Nothing matters except that thought in their head, "I'm going to DIE." I hope this situation works out for the best.

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        I talked to her the other day. The plan is for her to get her treatments started and if things go good, work the shop at a slower pace. I just want to get back to work so badly. As I said before I really enjoy working with her.


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          Hey Twodogs,

          Its kind of a rough situation you are in because there is no way to know what is going to happen next. I did go find your other post but it didnt address whether you could still work on days she isn't there? Do you feel confident enough in your work that you could sort of be doing your own thing there? making your own appts. Maybe taking on some of hers? If so, you could be a true blessing to her here.

          Some people have treatments and continue to work through them and some people have the treatments and cant get out of bed! I went through chemo and still worked every day and didnt slow down that much till the end. (they are cumulative so she may feel fine for the first couple months and then in the third month start to feel more tired and ill) Also she may only feel bad the the day after or a couple days after her treatment and be fine until the next one, therefore still getting alot of working days in. There is just no way to know how she will be affected until she gets into them.

          She must be very stressed about her business too. I feel for her and you and will say alittle prayer for you both that you can find a solution that can keep you on your career path and maybe keep her business open too!

          good luck!