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    I need to know how to set color, a friend said to mix a Tbsp of vinegar with the gel, but wasn't specific, I got the top performance gels, couldn't find blo pens to save me. Please HELP ! Also white vinegar or cider? Thank You.
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    don't know about the vinegar with those dyes, but you can use a little heat to set the gel colors. It really does make the color more intense and will last longer.


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      I'm certainly not an expert on color but I dye my poodle frequently and the biggest annoyance I have is that her color lasts TOO long. This is because I always apply heat and leave the color on for at least 45 minutes. I usually wrap the areas in plastic wrap as well before applying the heat. If I do this, her color usually lasts for six months (at which point I cut it out) and remains vibrant for at least three months. I've actually started avoiding heat and only leaving it in for 20 minutes so that it'll fade out so I can try out new dying techniques with her.


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        Tried heat, tried vinegar,plastic wrap, not working. I saved white hair off of a dog to play with, the "victim" will be here Thursday, maybe I'm notgetting a teehnique? I really want to start dying dogs but don't want to mess up a client's dog. Can't dye mine, sable shepherds ,although....nah red and black wouldn't take or would it?Hmmmmm
        ~~Everyone is entitled to my opinion!~~


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          Couple of suggestions.

          Is the hair clean and dry? If not, you'll want to bath and dry FIRST. Leave on longer and use heat.

          Try a different dye. I've heard mixed reviews of the TP colors.

          If you can't find Blopens, try the Srayza's These are newish and tho I haven't used them, they are being used by creative groomers.

          Chalks are a GREAT alternative. Using sidewalk chalk or artist pastels (not the oil-based ones) are a pretty cool way to add controlled colors. They are pretty easy to apply and last very well (imo, better than blopens)

          Another suggestion - use the dyes and make a spray. Add dye to fine mist spray bottle, add some water, shake well to thoroughly mix. Spray on, and brush thru. Use a dryer to "set" the colors in and refluff the coat.

          Hope some of this helps