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  • Helping owners say good bye

    I've been wondering if there is a way I can let owners know that if they need help, when it comes time for that final vet visit, that I would be willing to help. When I worked for a vet there were many clients that just couldn't bear to be there and watch the process, it was just too hard for them, but they also felt guilty about not being able to be there themselves. Since I was aware of what was going on, working there, I would let them know that I would stay with their pet the whole time. Most of these pets saw me quite often and I had a good relationship with them and it helped ease the clients guilt that at least someone they knew would be there with them. I can't say it wasn't hard for me, but I was happy to be able to help make this hard time a little easier. There was one couple that had an Airedale who was dying. She wasn't doing well and was staying in the hospital and it so happened that the day she was really not doing well was this couple's wedding day. They felt so guilty celebrating their day when their beloved dog was so sick. I spent the day with her. Brought a radio into her kennel, a blanket, and curled up with her in the cage talking to her for several hours. She passed later that day, but I was able to let the owners know she hadn't been sitting alone in a cage all day. They told me it meant a lot to them, and with this particular dog, I had never met her before, but she didn't seem to mind that.
    I know others here have helped clients with this. I think many clients wouldn't think to ask me. Is there a gentle way I can let people know, that if they need help and are struggling, it's something I can do for them? I thought about writing something on my webpage, but I don't know if that would be appropriate. I certainly would not charge for this, it is something I would do because I wanted to. I'd appreciate any thoughts.
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