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  • misting what

    When I watch DVD's such as Jodi' poodle DVD she keep s saying mist & comb up the hair. Are you just misting water, fluff spray, conditioner or what? Wat other kinds of dogs is it good to use this technique on?

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    Crown Royal scissoring spray, hold it back far and lightly mist...I let it sit a couple seconds then comb through and fluff up, it DOES make a difference!


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      I like to use crown royal for misting or some quicker slicker. It keeps the static down.


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        found it

        OK, I think I read the answer on another thread. You can mist with all sorts of things, even plain water. Slightly mist, comb hair up & scisor. Should have looked around 1st sorry.


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          I use crown royal mixed with deionized water and I also use just deionized wateras a mister.All sprays and I have Southbarks facial mixed in a foamer bottle are made with deionized water. Friends in Japan made this recommendation and I find it makes a big difference.


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            I use the EzGroom rough out for my scissoring/misting spray. It makes a huge difference and leaves them with a light scent that my clients all seem to love.