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screen shot computer?

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  • screen shot computer?

    Computer? I am not exactly sure how to explain what I am trying to do. You know how some people take a screen shot (some how, I have never done it) of a page on their computer & send it to people or print it? Is there a way to watch a DVD, pause it & print a screen shot of the paused pic? For example, I want to freeze a pic of where exactly the shaved lines would be of the poodle's face or similar types of things. Any one even understand my rambling & if so, is this possible to do? I am watching the DVD on windows media player. I do have notes from the grooming table & such to help but I was just curious about this. Thanks, Terri

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    There should be a "print screen" button somewhere on your keyboard. hit that when you want, and then right click and paste into word to see the image. You can then print the image from the word document.

    I will say that I have never done this with a video image, so I don't know how it would work.


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      press the control button and type P while holding it down.


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        It will jsut show a still shot of the screen it wont be video.
        also if you dont have word-you can paste into clipboard or paint for that mater.


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          screen shot of video

          everything suggested works for a screen shot on everything but the DVD playing in my windows media. If I pause the DVD hit ctlr & P it just starts playing the DVD again. It won't let me highlight to copy. If you right click on the pic there are no options for print, copy or anything like that. I don't have to be able to do this but it does have me curious now whether or not it can be done.