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My 1 st poodle need advice

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  • My 1 st poodle need advice

    I haven't been on the board for a while so I just wanted to tell everyone hello! I have had a lot of health problems so I haven't been able to groomed much this year. In case you don't remember I am new & learning this trade with very little experience working with a veteran groomer. I live in the country so I have been managing pretty good. I don't get a lot of people that want real fancy cuts but at the same time I don't get much experience grooming true breed cuts. They all know I am new & keep coming back so I guess I must be doing something right. Anyway, tomorrow I have my 1st standard poodle (1st poodle period) & I am scared to death. It is 1 year old & has only had puppy type cuts so far. She now wants to have a real poodle cut so called me. Oh know....I explain my situation, offer to groom it for 1/2 price or less for the experience. She said she would like clean feet & face & doesn't need anything too fancy. I may continue doing this very cheap for her until I get good at the poodle groom. I have only groomed one poodle & that was with an experienced groomer last year. I want to get this down because if I was good at it I know a few more people with poodles that would come to me. Sorry I am rambling so much...I think it's the meds I had to take tonight, again....long story..Anyway I am studying Jodi's poodle video's now & taking notes. I am really nervous about doing clean feet, face & any pom she might want. What style would you suggest I try to groom on this dog that would be a poodle look but not to complicated for a newbie. Any hints, tips you have for me are welcome!

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    How exciting!!!
    I love grooming poodles. The best tip I can give is dry-dry-dry. If you have a HV dryer blow the coat out as straight as you can, no mats.
    Good luck and have fun.


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      I think it might be helpful for you to go to youtube and type in "poodle grooming" and look for some instructional videos. That helped me when I was starting out. I'd stick with a simple sporting clip, maybe a 4 on the body and use a snap-on to set the length on the legs and then scissor finish. Have some pictures to look at while you are grooming. Good luck. Remember not to clip down the tail too far (pet peeve of mine.)


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        I cant offer much, if your studying videos. I'm going to send you good vibes though. I personally would stick with basic puppy cut, clean feet, face, pom on tail, body and legs same length all over. hopefully she/he is in good shape. poodles are awesome if their kept up and you can have fun scissoring them. I tend to take my top knots back too far, and short, but the poodles I do are kept real short, longest is done in a #4. good luck. post pictures if you can.


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          A lamb clip is easy and looks good. I do a lot of lamb clips on poodles whose owners want more than just an all over short clip. Do a 4F (or a 5/8 if it is a white poodle and you dont want to see skin pigment) on the body and a 0 or A snap on the legs. Use your thinning shears at the tops of the legs to blend a little so it is not clown pants. Easy-breezy! Good luck and post pics!


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            Poodle drying?

            Thanks, I do have a HV & some Davis fluff dry, I have never used it but heard I might need it some time, I like to be prepared. LOL I have never really stretched dried a dog, (not sure of the proper term). Most dogs I have dried were pretty easy to get the coat straight because they weren't real curly to begin with. Any tips on the drying part? I thought my husband could hold the dryer & I could brush as he dried. He helps me a much as he can but isn't really patient so I can only have him help me so long. LOL


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              top knots

              I am scare to do the top knot also. Guess I am scared of the whole thing. With my luck it will come in a matted mess & I won't be able to do anything pretty. If this is the case, I am gonna offer for her to come in maybe once a month for cheap or maybe even free so I can practice the different styles....I will see how it goes, could be too much for me to handle all together & I may never want to see the dog again. LOL Terri


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                Drying tip

                You should get a high-velocity blower. Metro Air Force and B-Air have some inexpensive ones. The small green B-Air dryer is about $110. You will want to buy a condenser cone for it if you get it, because I don't think it comes with one. The Metro Air Force one fits the B-Air.

                The Metro Air Force dryer that I like is about $140, 2 speeds, with the stronger motor (I think there are 2 models with 2 speeds).

                Anyway, these will really help drying a Standard Poodle. First blow in the tub, then let him sit on a towel in the kennel for a while (gives you and the dog a break), then on the table use the blower with a condenser or the "sweep" nozzle, then take off the nozzle and do most of the finish. Only the ears and a couple of spots may need touching up with your hubby holding a dryer since you don't have a stand dryer.

                Drying these dogs can take a looooonngg time, so you need to make it as easy as possible.


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                  Thanks, I will have to check into buying one of those dryers. Do they come in handy for a lot of dogs? I doubt I will ever have a lot of poodles ect.. in my area although if I ever did get good at grooming them I might get more. All I have now is a K-9 II dryer. I have been watching Jodi's video's & they are great but it looks like there is a lot of scissoring involved which I am not to great at....yet LOL


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                    Oh MY just relax and wait till you talk to the owner, and see the dog!

                    She might want just a short fluffy look (like a #3), she might bring you a "matted" mess. Just wait calm down, and wait to find out what SHE wants, not what you want to do. Nothing to lose sleep over. And once you talk to her, and find out DO what she wants, wether it is what you want to do or not.
                    If you sweat the small stuff, all you have is small soggy stuff.....


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                      I did it

                      Thanks for the help. I was so blessed today. The poodle I groomed had no mats & stood on the table like an angel for the entire groom... which took me 4 ever & a day to finish. LOL I posted the pics under check out my groom 1st poodle. The lady loved the dog & agreed for me to groom him every 6 weeks for me to practice. I in turn will charge her almost nothing for 1 year so I can practice & get this breed down. I think it will work out perfect for both of us. I made lots of mistakes & had a lot of questions along the way so check out my pics & let me know how to groom him right. There is one thing I don't understand but probably seems like a dumb ? to you veterans. I did my best to dry the coat as straight as possible. As I did the groom I kept misting & continuing on with the grooming. By the end the coat seemed more curly due to the misting maybe? Or it may be that I didn't get the hair straight all the way down to the root. Any thoughts on this? Here is a pic of him after being dryed. Thanks, Terri
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                        looks good for your first try, but thought she wanted clean feet and face?

                        I'm sure you'll get plenty of practice and glad she liked him


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                          this is before clipping

                          I did try to do clean feet & face. Posted the pics in another thread. This pic here is just showing a pic of after I bathed & dried him. Wondering if this is considered straight enough after being dried or not.


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                            Hard to tell in the pic if he is dry far enough down. If you have a stand dry get him damp, and fluff him the rest of the way. It will tke longer, but that is how I started (oh god memories) I learned to do "finish" grooming from a lady who bred show poodles, and L-C Chi's if the dogs (poodles) were not right I did it again, and again until they were straight as pins. I think this is a little excessive for your typical "pet". I also worked a few summers for different handlers ( I grew up in a "show" home LOL) If it wasn't right "Do it again" and quickly.

                            Anyway Plaese post the pics of the clean face, and feet and after the whole groom looked god as a bath/brush
                            If you sweat the small stuff, all you have is small soggy stuff.....


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                              pic post

                              Here is the post that I put all of the pics in.