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  • How do you keep

    from laughing at clients? A wick for flea drops, extra ears and all the oddball things thy say to us, What made you loose it right there? Lady call when I got back from vacation says that girl ruined my poo's coat! I said bring it right in so I can see what she did (sometimes she did mess up) Lady comes in with the fluffiest lil poo, and see what she did! The hair is straight,it's ruined! I lost it,,, poor lady waited till I calmed down and explained how hard she worked to get that nappy hair straight,misted and scrunched,voila corly poo.
    ~~Everyone is entitled to my opinion!~~

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    Sometimes I have to leave the room, or if possible I wait till they leave, then I lose it.


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      Don't ask me... I have been in trouble more than a few times for rolling my eyes and asking the now famous (by me) quote, "are you seroius?"
      Thats why I work with dogs... peoples is dumb!


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        It's hard

        not to burst out laughing. Friday as I was grooming a Keeshound a customer came to pick up her Peke. She asked me what kind of dog I was working on and when I told her she said "oh, my brother has one of those. He has his fumigated." ????? What ! Handed her back her fresh, spoiled little peke and said with as much of a straight face as I could manage "did you mean furminated ?"


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          Sometimes I just can't help myself and I have to laugh. The laughter is almost always followed by some educational lesson for the client who then leaves laughing just as hard.