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    I get a phone call the day from a client who's dog I've been doing for almost a year now. She said if I didn't start grooming her dog right she will go someplace else. I asked her what was wrong and she said the face wasn't right. Told me the time before it was great but then the last time was all wrong. Also said that it needed to be shorter becasue she didn't want to come in every four weeks. I looked at file and told her that we always ask if they want it the same as last time or anything didfferent. File says same as last for the last 5 times coming in. I also told her if she wasn't happy with something after getting home to just give us a call and I would be happy to fix it but we don't know she isn't happy if we aren't told and said do it the same as last. Also told her that it's been 7 weeks since her dog was groomed so his face should be getting long now. Anyway I made the appointment and she comes in with a chip on shoulder. I groomed dog, owner came to pick up and said dog was perfect (I guess until it starts to grow). Told her that if there was anything she wanted us to change just give us a call and we would be happy to do it. Found out her Husband recently died, maybe that has something to do with it. We can't fix it if we don't know what they are unhappy about. Guess I'll find out the next time she calls. Thanks for listening.

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    Well just be patient, a death makes people jumpy for awhile. Sorry she took it out on you.
    ~~Everyone is entitled to my opinion!~~


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      Sounds like shes just in a very unhappy and lonely place right now since the loss of her husband. You did the only thing you could by being nice to her and offering to re-trim the dog to make her happy. Unless she is usually a PITA & difficult to please client, she was probably just having a bad day. That doesnt make it right for her to be nasty to you, but thats probably what happened..


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        I wouldn't take it personally

        She paid for the groom, right? You didn't fix it for free 7 weeks after the last groom I hope.
        If her husband just died, I wouldn't take any of that personally. Anger is part of the grieving process, and sometimes spills over onto anyone and anything who will listen or can't run away.


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          It's frustrating when a client blindsides you like that. You handled it very professionally, it sounds, without backing down while at the same time wanting to help her out. And she was happy when she left with her dog, which is important. It's also good you found out about her personal issues- now you know it probably isn't you, and her 'chip' will probably fall off her shoulder eventually.


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            sounds like you did everything right!


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              You were great

              Yup, you did everything I THINK I will do until someone presses one of my hot buttons at the wrong time. Sometimes I keep cool, sometimes I tell them I'm aggravated and/or send them away.

              However, yes - this owner may have been getting angry at something controllable since she had no control over her husband dying.


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                Stories like this always bend me

                I get bent when I hear about people acting inconsiderate children. We are groomers not punching bags.How do you handle clients like that,you don't! you just listen to the complaint,do the best you can to remedy the situation and keep your feelings tucked away so that power vampires don't suck your spirit such as the client that has just been stated here! Age is NO excuse for bad behavior,death is NO excuse for bad behavior,nor is bla bla bla.We are not robots and that client didn't even apologize for her rude behavior because she was too self important to see that it was bad to start with! did she stay up late thinking about how she upset her groomer...No. when people feel justified in their bad behavior toward others they just keep doing it, and without conscience no doubt. Jesus said if your brother slaps your face turn the other cheek to let him smack the other.I not sure what this meant exactly but I think it was meant to say don't get upset by the violence of others otherwise you are no better than the one that struck the blow.If you let your anger show its like blood in the water and the other party will gobble you up like a shark and feel satisfied to do so.I still cant smile when someone does me wrong but I can tell you this,my feelings are locked away with lock and key because when the power vampires get hold of that possession of mine,on the rare occasions that they do,Im totally drained and my GOOD clients get the worst of me,and they don't deserve that.


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                  There is enough business out there, or is there?

                  Dear Groomers,

                  It is a business that is going to have its share of whacky doodles. Just like you can't take a bite personally you should not take a bite from a whacky doodle customer personally. Yes it comes with the job. Do your best to prevent the bite but when it comes do not retaliate. Figure out why and prevent the next one.

                  We deal with all kinds of pet temperament and get the job done so must we deal with all kinds of client temperament and get the job done. I am not talking about abuse those clients are shown the door.

                  You have nothing to prove other then keeping the revenue from the customer and getting them to rebook sooner. You know they are wrong and you will never change them so don't try. But most of all do not take the criticism personally. It is not you it is the nature of people and the nature of the business.

                  I am not saying you should take abuse from anyone but it is our job to try and diffuse the situation and defending yourself only makes matters worse. You have nothing to defend as this is just a client adjustment not a war.

                  Some people just deal through intimidation because they know no different ways and they themselves are intimidated by others. This is how they deal. Reverse them by making them feel like they have been so overbearing that they feel sorry for giving you such a hard time. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. But you at least you tried to turn it around.

                  The most important thing is that it is not you they are complaining about but the service your business performed. I give them (if they are not abusive) three strikes and then they are out. But I realize that they are out due to my ineffective ability to turn them around.

                  If you decide to kick them to the curb then do it but leave the door open.

                  "I am so sorry that we are not able to please you. We have tried our very best but it seems no matter what we do you are not happy. There are a number of other groomers in the area that you should try and see if they can give you what you are looking for. If you can not find a groomer who make you happy then our doors will always be open to you if you decide you would like to try our services again.

                  "Around here I have a very responsible position, every time something goes wrong I am responsible."

                  Just my humble opinion.