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    kay.....So I have thia lady who now lives alone and her 2 bichons are her life.acts like they are her big deal shes a lonely gal I fell sorry for her ,anyhow I got a call in november from her daughter saying she wanted to surprise her mom with a 3 week trip to co where she lives so she wanted to board her little dogs with us because she loves us anyhow we had webcams to people to watch thier dogs.they watched every day and I let her dogs hang out with me everyday in my office the got really attached to me and I have always adored them.I spoke to the daughter extensively setting up the surprise And I really like her.They sent me emals with the mom hiking in the snow in the mountains. They picked up 2 weeks ago ,all was fine. I get a call Friday the one had to be put to sleep friday and she wanted to let me know-WHAT? WHY? WTH? they were fine what happened? well she tells me that the one couldnt urinate and they ddint know why.And the vet said he was over 10 and had stones before blah blah blah-I am shocked I cant understand but I am certain the vet knows what they are doing they could have had her doing tests and spending money for weeks if they wanted .
    this is the part youre never gonna beleive -So the DAUGHTER calls me irate and hysterical And pissed at her mom and the vet and I cant understand a word shes saying. I did hear her calling her mom an F-ing B@#$* and shes a horrible person yadda yaddaq yadda
    I am stunned and dont know what to do I tried to explaoin what the mom told me her vet said and the woman just keeps saying and sniffing NO! NO ! NO! UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!! I dont want to talk to my mother I hate the BITCH but will you call her back and tell her youre there for her? I had already done that but said yes sure anyhow.THEN she calls back another time and wants the vet info I said all she wroet is the name not the number I didnt want to give it to her knowing what kind of call they were going to get but figured I better she could just google it and I dont want her mad at me. so Do any of you guys have clients with any kind of boundry issues? I do.I cringe when the phone rings I dont want round 2!!!!!

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    Time to tell certain people you are not part of their family circle and don't want to be involved in their family battles. Tell them to work out their problems between themselves and leave you out of it.

    End of subject.


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      Maybe the vet gave a quote on what was needed and the owner thought it was too high, especially for a recurring problem on an older dog??

      Who knows - however, the daughter obviously doesn't feel the same way.

      The daughter needs to give the mother the benefit of the doubt as to her decision. Or just let it go, since it isn't her dog. Who knows? Maybe daughter is upset that she just paid a boarding fee and then the dog was put to sleep; maybe she wishes it was put to sleep before the trip so she wouldn't have to pay to board it?

      Whatever - I would not be calling as per daughter's wishes, etc. I would try to calm her, and offer condolences, but would tell her I don't want to be in the middle.