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  • Grooming poodle pups

    I feel pretty confident grooming most dogs. I have a 12 weeks old toy poodle pup next week. I don't get many poodle pups and I find the 'face, feet and tail thing on these tinyies can be stressfull for them even though I am as gentle as I can be. The owner wants the face, feet and tail thing. Any tips on making it less stressfull for the pup.

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    I love doing pups and do many of them as I work with a local pet shop to do the pups before they sell them, then offer a free groom within 30 dyas of purchase. I tend to hold the pu ppy while doing feet, and rarely at that age have any trouble with the face. I do NOT baby the puppies, I just do it. Now, that does not mean I am rough or mean to them, I just do not mess around with it. If you make a huge production out of it and baby talk or coddle, they get nervous wondering what you are doing. I use my Speed Feed on faces and my Zipper or Mini Arco on feet. I have a litter of babies right now that are 6 weeks old tomorrow. Their feet are too small to even think about yet even with those clippers, but the faces were easy. GO slow, and be kind, but don't baby the puppy.

    Many people say to get them used to the clipper, by running it aaround their faces and then clipper them, but not me. I find I can get the face done so fast that they never worry about it. THEN we have playtime after its all over with!
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      What Debi said; the less fuss you make, the better they will do. When I bred and showed toy poodles and cocker spaniels; I used to start shaving faces and feet pads and sanitaries at 2 to 3 weeks, and every week or two after that.
      Occasionally a puppy will come for its first groom that is spoiled and has tantrums; I just hold on and keep grooming until they stop, then go ahead and finish. The puppy never wins, and I love on it after I have succeeded in what I want/need to do.
      The dogs grow up great; they do not fear me, but they do respect and listen to me.
      Some puppies I have gotten in the past few years for grooming were little monsters; biting hard from the beginning, and I had to be tougher with them; never letting them bite and never letting them get their way; if the owners do their fair share and homework, they grow up to be good dogs, if not, they usually end up rehomed or often, eventually,e uthenized.


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        I agree with both the previous posts. I actually find that a lot of the time the poodle puppies do pretty good since most reputable breeders have already been exposing them to grooming. The trick of holding the puppy while doing the feet definately works! Just watch the little stinkers since some of them like to sniff and lick at clippers. Also, if used "carefully" a toe blade can be awesome for little feet (I don't use it on face or rear).

        Have fun with the babies!


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          If they fuss a bit, I will hold them for feet and always use my Speed Feed


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            My old boss raised Standards, so we did lots of puppies. I usually hold them in my left arm and shave with my right hand. Most of the time, the first groom goes real quick and easy as they don't know what I am doing. Second groom they know what is happening and fight. Usually by the third grooming they realize I'm not trying to kill them and grooming after that is usually pretty easy. I do go slow and easy unless they fight real bad, then I try to get it done before they realize hat happened.


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              poodle pups

              Thanks for all your help.