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  • Where Did You Come From Baby Dear....

    out of no where into here. I got a call tonight from nice people who said they have two dogs that need care asap. A Yorkie and a smooth haired Chi hua hua. The story is: last summer they were in front of their house washing the car when a man in a truck with a strong Spanish accent asked them to come over to the truck. Inside were the two dogs. He begged them to take them. Not for free however, but for $100. And they took them. So now they need haircuts after trying it themselves. The nails are very long etc. But geee, where did that guy get those dogs? Did he steel them? Was it a puppy mill thing? I'd have taken down the license plate #. No, I would not have taken free or bought the dogs had it been me. They have not been to a vet and appear ok. Teeth? one looks old and yucky the other ok. Also said the Chi had like a burned spot with no hair on it's back but after good (Iams) puppy food they are ok now. So I agreed to go tomorrow afternoon just for nails and then schedule for a haircut and baths next week. I live in Arizona, not all that far from the Mexico border. I did suggested a vet visit asap. If they had rabies which is rare anyway, they would know by now. Parvo etc would have shown by now since last August. What do you think of this? I will see the dogs tomorrow afternoon and let you know what I find. Weird story huh?

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    I require all Dog we do to be utd on shots! so I dont think Id do them.


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      Odd situation....

      Personally I would not groom those dogs until they had a vet visit. She's had them since last summer and they have not seen a vet yet??

      No vaccines = no groom. There is no telling what kind/if any disease that those dogs could be bringing into your mobile unit even if the owner says they look healthy to her.

      I'd tell the owner that I would be delighted to groom her dogs AFTER they have been to the vet and suggest one for her to take them to.

      What if one of them were to bite you-you dont think they have rabies, but with no vaccination....not a chance I would take... but thats JMHO...


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        Oh, I forgot to tell you

        I'm not grooming them in my rig today. I offered to trim the nails and drive over in my car to see the dogs. I will have muzzles with me just in case. I agree, spending money for a vet and vacs is #1 priority before a groom. Many vet offices would trim the nails at that time. The story sounds fishy to me. I don't doubt they tried to trim them themselves, but why wait for a vet, and groomer since August? I now think they made the story up. Two males who need to be neutered. Why would one be old with gross teeth and the other younger? That doesn't sound like a puppy mill situation.

        All You Mobiles out there....Do you insist on seeing written proof of vaccines at the first groom? I just inspect the tags on their collars. I worry more about Parvo than Rabies.

        Does anyone believe they got them from some guy driving buy? I know the area where they live and it is a lower income area. Right down their street and the intersection you can see many man standing around hoping for a days' work doing odd jobs and gardening.


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          Maybe the man could no longer afford to keep the dogs. A lot of that going around these days.
          Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

          Groom on!!!


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            I saw the dogs today

            Very sweet and friendly. I did the long nails and told the owner to call me after they see a vet for shots and we can set up an appointment for the rest. No, aggression, foaming at he mouth etc. LOL Easy-peazey to do. She gave me a generous tip. Poor little Taco Bell guy had very long nails but was ok w/ me to trim. No muzzles needed either.