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  • Big Sigh.... partially OT

    Okay guys, this is hard for me to explain.. But apparently my sister keeps telling me how I need to .. "Grow up and get a real job." Yeah, I never went to a 4 year college like she did, but what I do is real and hard work. How do I explain to her my job? Is there a poem/quote or anything I can use to say.. "yes, my job is real and hard work, just like your teaching kids is." Something along those lines? She is about to graduate in may and has been in schooling almost 6 years-should only be 4. Yes, she does have sever anxiety, and is slowly working with it, and I think she may be jealous? But, it still really hurts she would say such a thing.. Mom said to just ignore her, and don't let it get to me.. How would you all go about this kind of situation? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. We are close, but I am slowly starting to pull away from her.. Thanks again for listening to me.


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    I think this quote may open her eyes a bit "When your job is your passion, you never work a day in your life."


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      Originally posted by D'tails View Post
      I think this quote may open her eyes a bit "When your job is your passion, you never work a day in your life."
      Good qoute, she needs to work one day bathing for you! That would be a real eye opener.
      ~~Everyone is entitled to my opinion!~~


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        A picture is worth a thousand words. I agree, you should invite her to accompany you on a day when you have a few difficult dogs. Besides, there is quite a bit of expertise required for grooming.... that's why owners hire the professionals to groom instead of doing it themselves.
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          If your sister is in teaching.....

          She will get the same treatment she's now giving you. She just doesn't know it yet. Although teaching is a respected profession, and takes a lot of skill to be a good teacher, many people still look at the career as babysitting on a grand scale, and do not respect what teachers do. They'll look at her career as a hobby even though they're not upfront about it, and the first few years as a teacher are terribly tough.


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            I have a lot of friends that went to several years of college when ever they get down on me for what I do turns out i make more than they do. That can definatly be an eye opener. I don't understand why people do that to us. I been told that I should go to school to be a vet tech because thats a "good" job for people who like animals. No thanks I'll keep my job I love grooming.


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              She will take you more seriously when your bank account is bigger than hers!

              I do honestly believe that she is jealous, but your never going to be able to convince her that your work is "real" unless she see's it for herself. My sister (not college educated) doesn't seem to realize that I make a heck of a good living grooming dogs and that it IS a real profession. I'm still just *playing* with animals to her and I dont' know that she'll EVER get it.

              Just let it roll off your back WE know how important our jobs are and that's all that matters! I think there are many people that feel that same way your sister does and I've had clients recently tell me (after trying to save money grooming their own dog), "you are worth every penny and then some!" "it's not as easy as I'd imagined" That's a payday in itself!

              Keep your chin up and stay proud doing what you do! Keep bragging about how much you love your job and when she starts complaining about this and that in HER job, just proclaim how much you LOVE what you do!


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                Just ignore her, as hard as it may be. We have always been told that you need to go to college to be successful and get a good job to make lots of money. That may be true for some things, but I think the tables have turned in recent years, and college educations can be overrated. My bf's family spent over $80,000 on his education. How many years is it going to take of him working to earn that back? And guess what, I make more than him. I make more money than all my friends. The person I know who makes more than me didn't even go to college, and is just naturally gifted at what he does to make his six figure salary.
                Really though, if you are happy in life and passionate about what you do then who cares what they think. Everyone is welcome to have their own opinion, and remember it goes both ways... she might not like something you're doing, and I'm sure there's something she is doing that you don't like.


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                  I'd be curious to see how many groomers/kennel people out there have a college education. Sometimes things don't work out the way we planned and having a college degree doesn't guarantee a career or earning enough to make a living.

                  Both my husband and I have Bachelors Degrees, husband almost done with his masters, in education. On an average, I make more money per hour grooming than I did in the career that utilized my degree. My husband makes more cleaning kennels and picking up poop than he did teaching! <vbg>

                  However, my daughter is completing her doctorate in music education, hoping for a university position. When she was working full time as teacher she was doing very well, but she worked close to 60 hours a week and attended college every summer as well as taking on private students. Teaching is also a passion, and a lot of hard work. Personally, dogs and cats are easier to deal with than kids!!


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                    "I been told that I should go to school to be a vet tech because thats a "good" job for people who like animals."

                    Ha ha, I started grooming , went to become a vet tech, came back to grooming so I didn't have to hold two jobs being a tech!

                    As long as you love what you do and you make money at it, who cares what anyone says. I know she is your sis, but for anyone to make a comment on a profession they know nothing about is just silly. I have two older sisters and treat me the same. Some day your sis will see the light! Stay focused on the positive and not the negative!!


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                      Your sister is jealous.
                      My sister said to me years ago I would have to grow
                      up,and stop wearing jeans years ago. I swore to prove
                      her wrong,when I was 22 I started a buisennes still 20
                      years later its still going strong and I wore jeans to
                      work every day and in the summer I wore jean shorts.
                      I had a 6 figure income staring at the age of 27 and
                      when she needed money,yes she came to the sister
                      wearing jeans. And now she needs a place to live(her condo in Ca is getting foreclosed)
                      so now its the sister that wears jeans and has a very large 5 bedroom
                      house to take her and her kid in.Oh yea my sister is a Dr of Dc and she
                      has a Masters in Pschy. All I did was graduate from High school.


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                        Thanks Guys, this totally made me feel a lot better. Thank you for all your thoughts and advice. I guess I will just ignore her for now.. I think when it gets warmer out, and I can get my mobile trailer, or salon, I know I will either ask her to bathe for me, or observe me even, or just let her keep talking and looking to see how successful I have been. :-) Thanks again for everything! That's one thing I love about this board, that you all are there for one another and give awesome advice. <3


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                          Your sister's schooling of 6 years is only a drop in the bucket compared to your chosen profession. Your profession is a never ending learning and application process. So, in all reality, you will have a much longer education process than she could ever have. She chose her field I assume because she had a passion for teaching, you have chosen your field because of the same reasons. The difference is, you will love what you do and do what you love for the rest of your life, where her chosen profession won't allow that. When you are 70 and upwards in age, you will still be able to groom, she can't teach at that age, IMO

                          So just be happy doing what you love, don't get discouraged by your sister's remarks, cause she just doesn't understand the education required to do your job correctly. what you could do to help her understand your profession is to introduce her to the world of grooming. Get her involved with the everyday proceedures and after she has a couple days of it, then see how her attitude changes. Tell her it will enlighten her to what you deal with on a daily basis and she can get educated at the same time.

                          As a last resort, tell her "Don't knock it until you try it".


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                            Lemme tell ya, people who aren't "dog people" just don't get it, especially if they're family. Take me for instance. I've got a BA in English, but I discovered grooming as I was nearing the end of my education. Good thing too, as I decided that I'd never be happy working behind some desk all day (and that's why I credit grooming with saving my butt ) All the time, my relatives take shots at me, such as, "Are you just going to play with puppies for life now?" "How does washing poop off a dog tie in with your degree?" "But it looks so easy, is there any money in it at all?" "When are you going to do something that matters?" There are very few dog people in my family, so I'm the blackest of the black sheep. But you know what? I wouldn't have it any other way!

                            I have quite a few relatives who hate what they do. I know I'll never have to worry about that. So keep doing what you're passionate about, and don't let anyone, family or not, steer you otherwise!


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                              I got my BS in computer management in 3.5 years. I worked hard as a computer programmer for 13 years. I was very well respected and made a lot of money.

                              Out of the blue, when this grooming salon went up for sale, I decided it was time to change careers. I've been at it for 3 years now.

                              I don't make much money. I work long hours. I'm usually exhausted. But I wouldn't change a thing. I've never had a "job" that I've loved. I feel so fortunate that I've found this in my 30s when I'm still physically able to do it.

                              College was an experience, and it's nice to have a fall back job just in case. I don't regret that.

                              But I sure would rather be up to my armpits in dog hair, than nicely dressed sitting in front of a computer all day!!