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  • Snow

    is killing business here, people are so afraid to go out and about. We are not supposed to get snow,so 5 to 7 inches freaks folks out,sigh... several major highways got closed due to jackknifed semi's. We don't build them for inclement weather, so they have steep or very short on, off ramps. It's hitting Arkansas and alot of places that aren't prepared as well. Send me a good vibe please, some good ol fashioned heat wave sounds good!
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    Oklahoma snow

    Odette I think you guys got more snow than we did in OKC although we still have the hlf inch of ice underneath it.
    My shop is about 25 ft behind my house i still have people coming to get their dogs groomed tommorow
    I hade 8 , 3 resched to next week . I ended up with my giant bichons and a mix and 2 schnauzers (one of them i call my physco schnauzer) .her mom calls her grumpy.She has to be brought in and set on my table done straight though and then put her up.Other wise she tries to eat my hand .
    Any way my point is I am glad i don;t have to drive on this to go groom.