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  • Lawn care with dogs

    I have alot of urine burns on my lawn and they are getting to be an eyesoar. I am thinking of planting Zoysia grass. It's supposed to be extremely resistant to extreme temperatures, drought, weeds, and insects. I just don't know if it is a good investment if it can't resist urine from the dogs. I haven't met anyone who ever used it, but I see ads for it all the time.

    Also, does anyone know if adding lime to the lawns will be safe for dogs? People have told me it's ok, but they didn't have animals. I'm just wondering if anyone here has ever had a bad experience after limeing their yard.

    Stephen: We have used it fine. BUT, it doesn't work well in ALL zones, the very cold regions, no not so well. We cannot use here in WA state.

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    I heard if you add apple cider vinegar to the dogs water it stops the burn marks in the lawn.


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      Pulverized Limestone(lime) will raise the PH of the soil. I worked on a Pro Am Golf course In N.y before becomming a groomer. We spread lime on the greens and tees and fairways 2 times a year.
      and I used it in My horses stalls on the floor to keep smells down from the urine.

      Best to put it down in the spring before all the snow melts or spread it right before it rains to help wash it into the soil quicker. If you treat each spot individually By sprinkling lime you will want to water it in anyway.

      You can also after each pee the dog makes get a water can and water in the pee spot right away the watering of the urine right after the dog does it should help so the grass will not burn.


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        there is stuff you can put in their water to reduce the grass burn.
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          Zoysia grass

          I'm considering trying this grass also. My stepfather says it's relatively inexpensive (1000 plugs for $79). It travels fast and hard from what I understand and overtakes everything in the yard. I was warned that if I want to have a garden I have to put a sturdy barrier underground as well as above ground to keep the grass from overtaking the plants. It's that hardy! My yard looks awful right now and if I'm going to spend money to fix it, I want something that will really work. I still want to learn a bit more about this grass. Anyone know anything else about it?


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            I have heard that zoysia grass is extremely difficult to mow as its veryyy thick..also, I lime my yard 2x a year, have 3 dogs and no urine burns. I have 2 males and they usually hike up on my privacy fence! anyone know how to treat the wood? I bleach it down about 1 time a month with a spray applicator..and the wood is treated, but seems the nails are popping out! lol I guess the bleach, being an abbrasive is probably eating away at the nails..just my hunch??


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              Originally posted by diamienono View Post
              there is stuff you can put in their water to reduce the grass burn.
              I'd be a little leary of that stuff. It's altering the urine pH, which could lead to UTIs and bladder stones.


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                Weed & Feed Harms Dogs

                Keep in mind that we have posted articles here before that MOST weed and feed treatments harm dogs. I know the bottles say after it has dried it is safe. However, about 2 years ago a veterinary research study found liver problems in dogs assocated with weed and feed. It entered the dogs through their paws. You notice the warning labels didn't change though.

                There are plenty of all natural formulas you can make from the pantry in a well stocked kitchen. There are entire books on this subject and the results are amazing. The web is full of leads on this. I am so happy I have many neighbors that make their own fertilizers all natural, totally safe.

                Don't trust the corporate labels as their testing is to their advantage, use common sense and all natural products. We all know that dogs sometimes eat grass, and those chemicals haven't gone away entirely. They dig holes and walk on grass, the chemicals are still there for some time.

                Make your own safe weed and feeds, and it costs a fraction too.
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                  I wouldn't give my dogs those treats or anything to alter their urine. Like Helly said, stones can occur. I know a dog that had surgery to remove over 100 stones in his bladder, he was only a little over 4 years old. But he was given treats to help with avoiding lawn stains every day. i just didn't think that sounded like a coincidence.

                  Stephen, do you know of something more safe than lime? Or can you recommend a book about safe lawn care for dogs?

                  I'm going to start looking because, with having my van parked at home now, I want to keep my house looking the best as possible so it doesn't look like we're trashy people.


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                    I use to spray my lawn twice a day, as I read that if you wah the urine off within 12 hours it will not burn. It doesn't work though when the horse goes on the lawn. Our new place we don't have a lawn yet, as the snow just melted.


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                      We have a combination of Bermuda and Zoysia. I can't really tell the difference as far as care or upkeep but then I wouldn't care if there weren't a blade of grass in the yard. More room for hostas and daylilies that way. The Bermuda is the more invasive of the two when it comes to getting into my beds.



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                        The general consensus from lawn care professionals and botonists is that the pH of the urine has little if anything to do with urine burning. It's the high nitrogen content in dog and cat urine that does the damage. Here's a link that provides some good information about the causes and remedies, including suggestions for grass species that are most resistant (and least resistant) to urine damage.

                        Texas is a major urban state with nearly 88 percent of Texans living in 25 federally designated urban areas. Houston, the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, and San Antonio rank among the 12 most populated regions of the United States. Turfgrasses serve many functions in urban and suburban landscapes. Primary roles of turfgrass are soil stabilization, water... Read More →


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                          I have 3 dogs, and have never had a problem with urine burn. If I do have it on my lawn, it's where my groom clients let there dogs go-I have a home biz. I think maybe it's because of the Missing Link that my kids are on. Where they go, it's like fertilizer! I won't even put fertilizer on the lawn because of the dogs. So not worth it IMO.
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                            I just noticed large yellow spots on my yard too but I think it's because my females are going in the same spot over and over. The male hikes his leg so he doesn't hit the grass Anyone ever try one of those pee posts for males? I'd like to try one for the yard but I wondered if it was worth the $15 or so for it.


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                              helly, that was pretty interesting, glad I read that. So that explains why I have the burns in one specific concentrated area. My squatting male who never lifts his leg goes right in the same area all the time, while my other male who does lift his leg, usually goes further out in the yard on the fencing and flower beds.

                              I never had any intentions of fertilizing or treating for weeds in the back yard areas. I am working on the front areas though because it was such a problem with crab grass.

                              I do however, want to learn more about natural care. I did see a box of bone meal for plants and lawns. So that had me thinking that maybe I should do more research on what I can do to feed the lawn naturally.

                              I do have an idea though to help just mask the urine burn areas, I am putting down some big slate stone in the areas off of our decking that get the worst of it. I read more and just decided to continue seeding with our bluegrass rather than the zoytia grass. I found out that it will take over the flower beds and gardens too unless you put in bariers. That is too much work for me. After grooming all day, who has time or energy for that.