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  • Collie Nose?

    I have a client who asked me a question that I did not have an immediate answer for, which is, what can she do about collie nose? For those who don't know what it is, it gets flakey and scabby. The question is, how to treat it? Is it possible to prevent? I told her I would get some input from the 'experts', so chime in folks. What do I tell her?

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    The medical term is Nasal Solar Dermatitis. It is a hypersensitivity to sunlight, and can also have an inherited component. The sooner it is treated, the better. First though a visit to the vet to make sure it is ot something even more serious. There is a form of lupus that causes nose lesions also. If it is just "collie nose" the suggested treatments are keeping the dog out of sunlight (sunscreens don't usually help as the dog will lick them off) or having the nose tattooed with black ink (usually best to do this before the lesions get bad). The black ink protects the skin from the sunlight.
    Lisa VanVleet, RVT


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      Collie Nose/Discoid Lupus/Nasal Solar Dermatitis

      I looked online and it looks like these are names for the same thing. My dog has discoid lupus which only affects his nose pad (used to go up the bridge of his nose a bit). It has been referred to as collie nose also. I hadn't seen the term that Borzoimom used before, so hence looking the three terms up online.

      In my dog's case, the vet didn't want to biopsy to be sure that's what it was as biopsies on the nose are painful and take a long time to heal. He decided to first treat with a 1% hydrocortisone ointment (get the ointment, stays on a bit better than the cream). He said, if it responded to this, it would affirm his diagnosis of discoid lupus. It did respond. After a while, it stopped responding and it was summer so of course it was more irritated. We now use tacrilimus ointment. It is very expensive, but lasts forever. (About $75/tube.) We are able to keep his in check, using this ointment as needed. We also use a children's sunblock on him. He is a red merle Aussie, so has liver pigmentation. I have a client dog who has it and his poor nose gets horribly raw and sore. Their vet has him on prednisone as needed. I hope to avoid that!


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        When I was a kid, our collie had this and the vet at the time told us to use shoe polish! I doubt I would do this, and I don't think we did, but I remember this!


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          I am not sure if it's the same condition, but I have heard that feeding dogs out of plastic dishes can cause a weird looking nose.
          SheilaB from SC


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            you might want to have her ask the vet too if you can put swat on it, i believe it has some sunblocking abilities and fly repellant, they seem to irritate once the sores open. we used to use it on pink nosed horses. i'd just be worried if it was a spot that could be licked off. my gp has some pink on her nose and i have to keep an eye on it in summer cause i know her relatives had a lot of problems with this.