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Do what?! Spots from brushing.

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  • Do what?! Spots from brushing.

    From a groomer out there in the internet.

    "Sometimes white dogs such as poodles, shih tzu, bichon frise.... have spots on their skin. This is sometimes caused by brushing. When brushing a white dog be gentile, they bruise very easy."

    Hmm, I've never encountered such a thing. Do you think they are mistaking actual, pigmented spots for bruises? LOL
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    It's possible if you brush burn for the skin to turn color if you brush burn the area alot. some dogs get dark spots from leaky vacs, but most times the spots are going to happen anyway. jmo
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      I hear this is a common problem on the Australian Labradoodle. That's why none of their owners ever brush them. (ha ha just kidding!)


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        I think these are natural large freckles

        for lack of a better name. Shih Tzus have these particularly on the tummys and Bichons too. Maybe they just never notice them until the fur is cut short and they show thru the fur. If a dog can lick and lick a spot it can change the skin color and texture and make it elephant skin-like; But I have never heard of what you are talking about. I could be wrong but.....
        I imagine a dogs' skin can bruise just as a humans' can but not from brushing. Hummmm Interesting. Love to know the truth on this one.


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          We recently had an owner ring up to say the dog had bruises all over it after got them to bring it in...yep, it was its normal pigment, some owners are weird.


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            Ive never heard this but for the elephant skin you can cure this with chlorhexederm sergical scrub from walgreens.Its an antimicrobial srub/soap.My dog sunshine had the wrinkly skin a few years ago and this is what I used to clear it up.


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              What is "brush burn"? Is it real, could that be what they are talking about? A member of a Poodle forum recently had her , light colored, dog show lots of bruising after being groomed. It turned out he had a blood disorder and despite the best efforts, had to be PTS. Poor baby!


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                Brush Burn is real; too real

                When you brush dogs' matts out and keep repeating brushing an area with a slicker brush it scapes the skin. Of,ten if brushed too much, and pressure is used causes the skin to be scraped and can even be so bad it will bleed. Hopefully groomers know not to let that happen. Maltese have tissue paper thin skin and brushing out matted tails is a likely spot for this to happen. I had one yesterday I had to be careful with. I brushed it with conditioner in the tub.


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                  I have seen small spots appear on a light colored dogs skin. Some times the dogs are just brush sensitive and other times it can be from over eager brushing. Of course if they're talking about the skin color then that's not a brushing issue. I've got a lot of dogs who have what look like liver spots on them, and have had them since they were pups. JMO
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