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    are making me nuts! There is a major front moving through,but they were already saying on Monday that we will have major power outages! Scaring people to death, they were buying supplies for a month, it will be back above freezing Sunday, I wonder if the elec. company is behind this so they can raise rates again? No trees left after the last ice storms so it won't take as long to restore power, why scare people?
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    A side benefit of owning a mobile and a travel trailer

    Since we live in hurricane country and our main house is a manufactured house (a VERY NICE ONE) we have to evacuate when hurricanes threaten our area. Handy hubby rigged up a switch that diverts power from the mobile's generator to a plug inside the generator compartment that fits the power plug for the travel trailer. I drive the mobile, hubby drives the diesel pickup towing the travel trailer. We take our already laid in supply of generator and diesel fuel and haul it in the bed of the pickup. We get out of the way of the storm and have all of the comforts of home besides. We can use it in the same manner if we have extended outages due to winter weather (very rare in Northwest Florida). Maybe other mobile owners could do the same?
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      We have the same crazy weather people here, they scare everyone with the heavy snow warnings and THEN it bypasses us!!! So now I have nothing to do that day cause everyone cancelled.... sigh...


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        North Carolina is supposed to get a big snow and ice event this weekend too. Coming in on Friday night/Sat AM. We are already stocked up on the food essentials for us and the dogs and have a gas fireplace if the electricity goes out.

        10 bucks says there wont be a loaf of bread or a carton of milk to be found in any grocery store by 10 AM tomorrow!


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          How frustrating. Do they realise their effect on the economy when they do that or do they just not care? Anything for a good story, regardless of the actual likelihood of it really happening.

          It is absolutely freezing here in Ottawa, Ontario tonight. I just got back from the fastest dog walk in history! It is -34C with the wind chill. (that's -30F) BRRRRRR