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HELP!! Need advice asap! mobile turned temporary in-home

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  • HELP!! Need advice asap! mobile turned temporary in-home

    So I was on my way home to do a client 2 doors down from home and I'm heading through an intersection about 5 minutes from home. Someone from the right starts turning left on her red light! I swerve to miss her and she crushes my right trailer fender and blows my front trailer tire off the rim. No other visible damage (as of yet), no injuries. I'm soooo grateful that that's all that happened. It could have been SOOOO much worse! A second's difference in time and she could have hit the trailer door, gotten stuck on the fender, and I could have flipped with the truck and trailer because I was bumped to the side.

    SO!! I'm without a trailer for an unnamed period of time. I have 2 houses to do tomorrow that I wanted to keep and I will probably end up rescheduling the rest of the week. Several large dogs on the books.

    Any of you in-home groomers out there, how do I charge compared to mobile??? I have 1 new client and one old client tomorrow. Do I charge them the same as mobile? Or do I charge less because I'm using their water and electricity?

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    I wouldn't offer a discount

    I'm sorry for your predicament your in, I've been there. I had almost 3 weeks of down time over the summer due to an accident where a guy backed into my van. without insurance, eh!

    So glad you didn't get hurt. But here's the thing, I have found that most clients were so very grateful for me that they were willing to allow me to do whatever I needed to do to get the job done. Some I groomed at my home, some I groomed at their house. I never offered a discount, and no one ever asked me for one. I just asked for the same price as usual and told them I appreciated their flexibility with me.


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      I had to do that recently due to the van broke down. It was a pain in the behind and very tiring because I did one dog or one family at a time, so I was driving back and forth all they long. Some clients were really nice to me and let me do whatever I had to do. I charged them the same fee if I had to pick up and drop off. If they brought the dogs to me, I gave them a little discount. I couldn't do big dogs at home, so some had to wait. I lost couple clients because they didn't know me that well so they didn't want me to pick up their dog or they didn't want to wait. I also lost most of my brand new clients during that time. So now I do really kiss up to all those good clients who were nice to me. They pretty much get whatever they want from me.


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        Don't confuse people Rev. You know how we MD'ers are! We like consistancy, lol! Keep your charges exactly what they would be if/until Tag-a-Long is operational again.

        (Personally...I'd charge them extra to do in-home cuz it's a pain! But that's just me. "Bernie's Grooming...In-Home Grooming of your small pet canine, starting at $225.00 per dog".)
        Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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          When I wrecked my trailer..

          When I went into my clients house to groom, I felt compelled to give them $5. off because I wasnt using my electricity or water. But after doing this for a week and knowing I would have to do it about another 3 months, I said no more. I shouldn't get paid less to lean over peoples nasty tubs to wash their dog etc. So I quit charging less. No one cared, they were just happy I was safe and able to come groom their dog. I even had one I had to groom in a playpool in their garage. lol. Ahh the memories.........


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            I wouldn't change my price, but would plan on it taking a little longer, you have to set up & break down your stuff, plus chit chatting while you groom. A bath, fff takes me about an hour, and full groom take about 2 hrs. Good luck. Back saving hint - keep all yor stuff in the car, and only take in what you need for each dog.


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              Yep charge the same

              you will be taking extra time for setting up and cleaning up. You could almost charge more, but I think the same is best for consistancy. The water and electric is miniscule.

              I agree with your gratefulness that the accident wasn't more serious. Still a pain.

              I love doing housecall and part of the reason is chatting with the owners. I agree it's good to have some stuff that just stays in the car, for instance muzzles. I have a separate tool box for baths only - and I just put the scissors, brushes, spray, nail clippers with file and coagulant and speed feed for sanitary and/or feet and sometimes bows in. It takes about 1 1/2 minutes to transfer the stuff to the little box or back.
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