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    So, we have this dog show coming up, and of course my Siberian bitch is out of coat! She is blowing coat right now. What can I do to make her coat look fuller? Should I use Chris Christensen Thick and Thicker? I was thinking about using a regular shampoo but no conditioner and then applying thick and thicker. Would that be the right thing to do? Any advice?

    Thank you

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    How do you get a Siberian to blow coat? Submit an entry to a show.

    Too bad they haven't figured out how to bottle time. 6 weeks of growth would be nice.

    CC's T&T is as good as anything.
    We cool mist water/back-brush the dog's coat about an hour before ring time, work some T&T into the palms of your hands, work thoroughly into the coat going against the grain of growth.
    About 20 minutes before ring time...very lightly mist against the grain again...back-brush like he!!.
    Don't over apply product, don't have a judge standing up after going over your dog...and asking for a!

    It's a really good idea to "experiment" with this once or twice before show you can get the timing down for your individual dog and not find yourself in a "sticky situation".

    Fear bitch took a 5 pt. Major at a Specialty....completely nekkid except for a brushy tail....against everything else in beauteous it can be done!
    Good Luck!
    Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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      That is exactly what I would do. Shampoo, no conditioner and use Thick and Thicker. Use the gel after the bath before drying and then use the aerosol spray to brush up the coat before going in ring. Sidenote; if you want you dog to shed out, just enter them in a dog show, it never
      Lisa VanVleet, RVT


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        dog show true..enter a dog and it'll blow coat.

        Thanks for the advice!!! I really appreciate it. I just blew out her entire undercoat, and she does not look too bad! Her breeder encouraged me to show her. The show will be the first week in February, so I have time to play with T&T

        Thank you


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          Originally posted by 5SIBERIANS View Post
          I just blew out her entire undercoat, and she does not look too bad!
          If you "just blew out her entire undercoat"...chances are that the new undercoat is already there. The "old" undercoat doesn't "peel" that easily if the new coat isn't already in motion, shoving it out. Not voluminous or thick...but definitely there. 10 more days can also make a big difference in that growth. All the more reason to really work that CC in against the grain. The baby undercoat will support the guards...if you can support the baby undercoat...for 2 hours.
          Keeping her in cool temps and natural light may also help encourage faster re-growth of undercoat.
          Keep your bath temps cool to lukewarm (at most)...definitely not really warm.
          I keep mine on 3V Caps and a kelp pill a day.
          I think you will be pleasantly surprised, come 3-4 days before the competitive you can make her look.
          Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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            Yep, my backyard is completely white. Looks like snow but it is I will bathe her this weekend and play with the C&C. My friend told me she saw at one show that they were applying Thick and Thicker, dried the coat, applied the T&T again, numerous times. With that technique I am afraid the coat will have a sticky feel to it...

            Thanks for the advice, and I will take pictures of her for you to see