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  • Health update- OT

    Well I saw my doctor today. I had blood tests and an ultrasound done last week. The blood tests were back but the u/s results weren't in yet. Well the last time she tested my Vit D level is was 22. She said the range it is supposed to be is 32-100 but ideally it should be about 50. This time when she tested it the level was a whopping 22.5. I've been taking 4000 IUI Vit D everyday with a meal but it hasn't been enough I suppose, so now I will go on a prescription strength I only have to take once a week.
    The u/s was the first test she ordered to see what was going on with my abdomen. She said it was the least invasive and she wanted to make sure there wasn't anything else going on causing my abdominal pain. She'll call me with the results.
    But I mentioned to her I've been having a lot of trouble sleeping. She asked if it was falling asleep or staying asleep. I told her it was staying asleep. I have such vivid and weird dreams (Like the other night I was driving a bus full of prostitues and Simon Kowl was on the outside and it was my job to shake him off-so weird!) and I figured that was waking me. She asked if I snore. I told her I didn't think so but my husband swears that I do LOL. So she said it's possible I have obstructive sleep apnea. She asked if I ever doze off during the day and I told her I have, which has been scary for me because I have my son during the day. Usually it's if I sit down to watch a movie with him or something. But I'm so tired all day long. Figured it was just from being a mom and working and all. So she is having me spend a night in a sleep clinic. I'm a little apprehensive as to how well I will sleep in some strange place with a bunch of stuff hooked up to me. Having a bed all to myself though sounds nice. Has anyone here ever done a sleep study before? I'm just not sure what to expect.
    I also wanted to ask for clarification on something. I had mentioned seeing floaters before. I know many said it's normal. When I say "floaters" I am seeing bright specs of light. Almost like an old film where there are tiny pin pricks of light you see through the picture, if that makes sense. Is this what you mean by "floaters" or am I using the wrong term?
    I have noticed a huge improvement with my anxiousness since taking the Vit D, even if my levels are not high enough, it has made me feel better, so I am really hoping that getting it to a normal level will really help. Seems like such a small thing too, I never would have realized how much of an impact having a low Vit D level would have if my doctor hadn't tested me.
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    From what I have heard most of us are vit D deficient, especially those of us in the north with limited sun exposure and long winters. Have you considered adding B complex and fish oil for omega 3s?

    I have had floaters in my vision for as long as I can remember. I believe they have something to do with the fluid in the back of your eye gelling up - totally normal. The best way to describe floaters is seeing microscoping-looking black or gray segments that appear to float in your vision if you look at bright light and focus on them. I see the pin pricks of light you describe occassionally and once read that they may be a sign of retinal detachment if they are bad, but I have seen them for years with no issues, and have no history of any vision probs in my family.

    Lol @ that dream! When I was on anti anxiety medication forever ago i would have the same vivid dreams; I could wake up in the morning and write them down and it would turn into a novel. I found that eating before bed or in the evening makes me have vivid dreams, otherwise I dont remember dreams much nowadays. Even eating something as small as a handful of nuts will send me into a dreaming-spree; my mother is the same way so I assume it affects a lot o people.


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      Your "floaters" sound a lot like ocular migranes. You won't typically get a headache, but they *can* preceed (by a hour, day, or even several days) of a typical migrane, but not necessarily. I describe them as being "fractile" lights and can be in one or both eyes, but mostly just one. It can last up to 30 minutes, but mostly only last about 5 - 10 minutes and seems to start in one part of my eye and migrate to cover nearly the whole field of vision. Also, I see "them" when my eyes are closed and it's very annoying.

      I hope you get some answers on the health problems your having. I know it's miserable when you know there is a problem, but no one can seem to figure it out.

      Here's some information I just pulled up about Ocular Migraine

      Ocular migraines are painless, but the weird visual phenomena can be scary.


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        Thank you, I've been having headaches 4-5 days a week most weeks. I told the doctor and she said that was also a symptom of sleep apnea, but last saturday I had a terrible migraine and spent the day in bed. I took advil but it didn't touch the pain, I was nauseous and I know sometime last week I saw the floating lights. I'll mention it to my doctor. The last doctor, that I wasn't happy with, told me it was because my BP was elevated but my BP has been fine at my last few visits to the doctor and they told me the BP machines at stores aren't that accurate, so I should trust the doctors measure of my BP over those.
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          If you don't have trouble falling asleep, then a sleep clinic setting isn't going to be too bad. It's like falling asleep in a really quiet hospital.

          Do you eat before you go to bed? Like an hour before? Whenever hubby and I have some sort of snack, then go to bed, thats when my dreams are the absolute weirdest.