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Another cheap groomer...really cheap!

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  • Another cheap groomer...really cheap!


    Edited: No ebay, FB or Craigslist links please. We get a lot of flack behind the scenes from people you link to, or people that get taken for money, fraud you name it and blame us.

    But so you know LeftyGroomer's link was offering grooming starting at $10.

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    Motto:You get what you pay for!

    Cleint who ask me about "deals" are reminded of my 25 years, what I do include int eh groom as opposed to add-ons, quality and training.I will not compare myself to other groomers as none of us have been thru the same life. I always tell them to compare the work of the groomer and then compare whether it was worth it. Most shut up when I get to the point where I say people are always welcome to try another groomer I don't miond but regulars alwasy get preference.


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      My husband, IF he had a head of hair, would have to pay $15 to get his hair cut! And the barber wouldn't shave his butt, clean his ears, or do his nails either! :-)

      The problem with people trying to take shortcuts to compete with legitimate business by offering "too good to be true" prices is that they eventually implode, either through a displeased clientele or being caught running a business without permits, licenses, or paying their taxes.

      And before it becomes a matter of heated discussion, there is no way a person can properly groom a dog for $10 and do it with the proper tools, equipment, and materials, while paying fees for licenses, taxes, commercial rent or a van payment, insurance, and all of the other expenses that those of us legally in business. That would be the case no matter WHERE you live.

      Although if you are working with a set of Walmart clippers, $3 shears, and washing the dogs with Dawn dishwashing detergent, I supposed you could come close.
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        Originally posted by kats_melody View Post
        Although if you are working with a set of Walmart clippers, $3 shears, and washing the dogs with Dawn dishwashing detergent, I supposed you could come close.
        Even then you would be breaking even. This is sad I have a couple groomers in the area that undercut. $18.00 for full Shih cuts and the like. I just drop my jaw. How or why would these groomers want to cheapen themselves that much??? We are a skilled trade and it is a tough job. Period.
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          It's like that cute commerical on TV as the barber gets a $6.00 hair cut place across the street so he gets a banner that says...."I fix $6.00 haircuts!" LOL LOL The cheap place isn't in business afew months later!!!


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            Do you live in NH?? There is a craigslist ad in NH also for 10 dollar groomings. They claim to be doing this to offer help in this bad economy.

            Hearing that there is one in your area also makes me wonder if its a scam being posted in mulitple areas


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              Enough about the parking fee. How much were they charging to groom a dog?

              Every now and again...the "Bad Bernie" in me (yup...there is a teeny "bad bernie" in me)...wants to take something like my "most allergic to water", Oscar winning for auditory drama, "I can blow BOTH your rotator cuffs w/ 1 yank and dislocate 2 cervical vertebrae at the same time" dog to someone like that. Prolly charge me a "difficult dog" charge of $1.50.

              I was in a petsomething right before Christmas last year (this has nothing to do w/ the petsomething) and the lady directly in front of me in line had a Samoyed. It was a long, slow I had ample opportunity to hypnotically watch as water dripped from the dog's rear britches (drip, drip, drip, drip....) as the owner spoke to the person in line in front of her. She was going on and on about a lady that opened up a grooming business in her SUB-development home, and how convenient and cheap her service was. She paid $15.00 for the Sammy groom. Poor also had 3 feet that looked like shaved poodle feet...and one rear foot that looked like a long-haired hamster had been glued to it.

              Still cracks me up!
              Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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                There is a shop right down the road from me that is cheaper, but the thing that kills me is they charge $5 a hour for dematting according to their website. I think I am going to refer all the badly matted dogs to them. We will see how long that last. LOL.


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                  4Sibes? I like you.


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                    i saw a similer ad in my local CL claiming to "be cheaper then any groomer in town, and will undercut any price from another shop" Made me want to scream honestly. There are already so many groom shops here that it makes a horrible time just to keep regulars on the books let alone to have people claiming to be ultra cheap and better then anyone else. Plus i get sick of the fix jobs that come in lol, some of them need a magic wand that i have yet to own


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                      Yes, Plexi

                      I just posted a thread about that commercial. Better y'all get those banners made up soon. LOL I have only seen that commercial once. I had a nice lady call me today for my price. She drives a long way to another town for her small Maltese. Even though I live about 3 miles away I will not groom her dog for less than DOUBLE her price of a bakers dozen of cookies and a good tip. She paid a dollar a dozen and was disappointed last time. Hummmmm. I told her that is amazingly low for the entire USA mobile fee averages.


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                        I've seen um come
                        and I've seen um go

                        and yes they always go


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                          Holy Cow! Why???

                          Now I get it that I should charge what I am worth. When I started working at home, I used to think I should charge less than the jobs and when I went mobile I was still afraid that my price was too high. However, the more I groom, the more confident I have. Combining with my other work experience and education I know that I can set my standard higher and charge more. I don't mess with price shoppers anymore. I know I am not going to make a lot of money right away but I'd rather have clients that treat me right and know that I am worth it. Lower your price is lowering your standard. You just make people think that pet grooming is just washing dogs. I am sorry I am not in on your $10 grooming.


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                            then there is me...

                            Well ladies, maybe you can help me out.

                            I charge less than other groomers in my area. They charge $65.00 for a ShihTzu groom and I charge between $xx. & $ I am less than them. However I am upping my prices and adding add ons, like the facial, premium shampoos. A report card, sometimes a picture of the before and after or just the after. I include a free dog treat also.

                            My clients that allowed me to learn on their dogs get a discount on grooming for a year, so I can get practice in, they allowed me to work on their dogs when I was learning to hold a clipper, and I got some of the worst dogs ever. But because they helped me I give them a discount.

                            I don't have 25 years to fall back on,heck I don't have a year in yet LOL! I am new, but don't want to undercut the competition, they are better groomers but it takes forever to get an appointment and they work Mon - Fri days and half a day Saturday. I work any day I can get a dog, have 2 this Sunday and I charge accordingly.
                            If someone in a rural Canadian setting will PM me as to what I should be charging, I have no problem following their guidelines, but how do I know when nobody around here will even tell me on the phone what they charge? I am going by what my clients are telling me, but have no verification.
                            I have a lot to learn, I tell every client I am new to the grooming world, and the cut will not be perfect, I groom pets, not show dogs, but the only thing they would get from me for $10 is nails! on an appointment just for the nails...
                            I need to make money too, but don't want to be the cheapest on the planet!
                            If anyone has any ideas, message me privately and I'll work with them to get my prices right!
                            Take care,


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                              same here

                              I saw a post on craigslist near here that said "first time puppy bath and nails, must be under 6 mo old, for $10". I am thinking about how some puppies have to be coddled through the bath and drying, and freak if you hang on to their feet. Then there is the brushing of that cottony puppy coat...

                              Yeah, good luck with that one!