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Private Tutoring - My First - Advice?!

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  • Private Tutoring - My First - Advice?!

    I've wanted to start offering grooming classes to our clients for a while but have been too chicken to do it. There are some offered by a lady through Cont Ed at our community college, although she isn't a working groomer so she doesn't get them all as her clients. ()

    We find so many customers who put in the time but have not got the technique and get so frustrated when we tell them Fluffy was matted. "But I brush and I brush!" Ah yes, grasshopper, but as we've told you before you must comb and comb...

    So anyway, I have my first private session this coming Saturday. The only time I've done this before has been with my Mom, who is an excellent student. Any advise? Should I prepare a handout to work from and for them to take home? I know I need to go slowly so no information overload. I've told them to bring in all of the their tools so we can go over what they need vs what they don't, and how to use what they have correctly.

    I'm excited about this! I'm passionate about dogs and teaching and to have the chance to do both together AND get paid for it?! I think I've died and gone to heaven!

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    I'm not a grooming instructor, BUT I have been a student :0) and I would think a handout- even a basic one- outlining the important points would be nice. Even better, if it's allbreed grooming that you're teaching would be having them get a book like 'Notes from the Grooming Table'- an invaluable resource to beginners and professionals! If you're simply teaching an owner to maintain/groom their own dog, it might be better to make up a dog-specific sheet.

    I was recently at a book store and saw a book written for owners who wanted to maintain their dogs in between groomings. Can't remember the name of it offhand, but I was impressed. It was broken up into sections by coat type and walked you through complete brushouts, bathing, blowdrying (with a human hairdryer, it looked like) and all that other stuff. That might be a good resource if you are teaching owners, too. Let me know if you'd like me to search for it!


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      Ive been considering something like this myself, let me know how it goes. if anyone can think of the book beanermom is talking about, I would be intersted in that also. I think handouts are always good, but keep it simple. will you walking her an entire groom (bath, dry, trim) or just brushing and combing?


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        A simple easy to understand handout, keep it simple , make it fun for the client .
        ~~Everyone is entitled to my opinion!~~


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          good idea

          Can you hook up with your local shelter and offer a could make up a book, coupon and do something great locally..