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Have you ever been accused of badly for great work?

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  • Have you ever been accused of badly for great work?

    One of my customers came in the other day with her very old lab mix and he was blowing coat worse than a winter storm. He had so much undercoat that some was actually matting up underneath the top coat. I'm sure you all know what that looks like. Well she hadn't been in since six months ago. She said that whatever i did last time made him smell too good for too long. She says "smell him, he still smells good doesn't he?" well not really but anyway she goes on accusing me of making his coat like this. She said that whatever i used to make him smell that good and clean made his coat start shedding like crazy. Yeah right, maybe it's the fact that he hasn't been here in 6 months and he needs to be deshedded. Well anyway she told me not to use that stuff anymore. Crazy people.

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    LOL look at it this way The more I groom dogs the less I like people.

    She is probably tryint to tell you the reason she didnt bring the dog in for so long is because he didnt smell. I am amazed at how many people will bring the dog in I deshed them then they wait 6 months and complain about shedding I always ask if they brush every day for 5-10 minutes. That would help soooo much! UGH they will never do what you tell them, I can say I have at least 2 Labs with that type of nasty coat and I get mad at the onwers everytime they do that. And the dogs tend to get sensitive skin because it desont get stimulation for 6 months. With them I wash well with Les Poochs Med, soak throw some conditioner on the coat and brush thru. Rinse well do a light creme rinse with Hypo COnditiioner, brush again, rinse out force dry then put under the air fans then finish with force driying. Works pretty good. I try to do more brushign in the tube while they have the protection of the hsampoo/conditioner.


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      Old dogs can change their coats

      Old dogs do a lot of strange things, and shedding profusely can suddenly become one of them. It is not due to a shampoo. It is due more to inner changes in the dog's system.