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Barking collars? anyone tried the spray type?

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  • Barking collars? anyone tried the spray type?

    Ok, here is my problem, I have 3 rescued dogs, and they are very protective of the house, the yard, the driveway, and me.
    I keep them behind baby gates when I bring other dogs into the house for grooming and I cover the gates so they can not see what or who is coming, but still, they know the second the gates go up that another dogs is heading here, then they bark continuously!
    I am working on the issues of the barking on all the other things, and making some progress, but it is hard to correct the behavior when a client comes in and I can't go to them and tell them to the Dog Whisperer does... so I was thinking of getting the spray type collars for them just for when clients come and to use them as a training tool. They are expensive, since I need 3 of them, so I am wondering if you have tried these or know of anyone who has, and how they worked out.
    If you have any info, please share.
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    i bought the spray one for my sister's dog, at that time she was living with my parents, and when my parents dogs would bark it would spray my sister's dogs face LOL, over time though when my sister's dog would bark the collar would spray and the dog would still bark.


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      First, let me say that this is a bigger issue than simply barking. Yes, the symptom is that they are barking, but the bigger issue is that they don't listen to you.

      Spray collars may or may not correct the barking problem. There are indeed some problems with that form of correction. You cannot isolate the correction to one offending dog. And, the correction is lingering, long past the actual act it was in response to. Then, the dog must decide that the spray is deterrant enough to actually stop barking. Most often, it bothers the dog at first, and then they get used to it and bark right through the spray.

      Another issue is that the collars are designed to stop ALL barking. You know, barking at an intruder is not a bad behavior. The bad part is that you cannot turn them off. That is a control issue, not a barking issue.

      Multiply the issue times three and you have an unruly pack that doesn't listen to the person that is supposed to be in charge. It is very difficult for even the best of trainers to control an unruly pack together.

      My suggestion, seperate the dogs and work with them one on one. Get them away from your business area until you have the control and can manage their behavior. Tighten up your obedience and control over each dog individually and only after you have that control will you then effectively gain the control with two dogs, then all three.


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        I have the spray collar for one of mine who is a barker and it works great. He is a constant barker, barks coming out of his crate in the AM, barks if he sees a bird at the bird feeder, barks if a mouse farts in the woods 3 miles get the point. We tried everything to teach him to be quiet and nothing worked till the collar. Now I dont even have to turn it on every day, we can leave it turned off and he will still be quiet for a few days until he figures it out then we turn it back on and let it work for couple of times. I take it off at night when he goes to bed and when we are leaving the house for a while, but when we are all at home hanging out, he is wearing his bark collar and there is peace and quiet.


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          I had a similar problem. I have 2 German Shepherd Dogs and a Cavalier. The Cav welcomes everyone with open arms while the shepherds need to announce loudly the impending doom of anyone who dares to enter their space. Customers shouldn't have to deal with my dog's issues and the barking may well upset their dogs so my girls are not allowed access while I'm working. They go into their crates in the dining room and get to listen to the radio. That room is on the opposite side of the house as the shop so they don't hear people coming or going and the radio muffles the bell. The cav is free to come to work and be the greeter or stay with his sisters, which he often chooses to do. The shop stays calm and so do I


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            My spray collar worked okay for a while. After a couple of months it became unreliable and eventually stopped working. When I went back and read reviews, this wasn't uncommon. I found it to be a pain, having to buy the spray and having to refill often. After being zapped by one of my static collars, I switched to those. It removed my guilt about using one once I had experienced the feeling myself (which is not a big deal). I'll never buy another spray collar.
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              When my daughter's Beagle was still alive she lived in an apartment complex. One of her close neighbors was an elderly woman who obviously had no other form of entertainment, so she'd wait until my daughter left for work (she worked third shift), then go bang on the windows, ring the doorbell, anything to get Tyrone barking. Then she'd call the police and file a complaint.

              My daughter, in desperation, bought a spray collar. It worked pretty well.

              My daughter also took a day off from work but left like she normally did, then doubled back and got out her video camera. When the antics started she called the police herself and filed a harrasement complaint.


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                While my Sibes are naturally very Corgi more than makes up in noise and commotion.
                I did try the spray collar for a bit, and must admit it worked ok....for the first 4 days.
                She rapidly figured out how to bark like a maniac and just turn her head for the first 15 minutes,...thus emptying the reservoir...then she was "good to go".

                I then had a "Swiss-n-Chow" moment....whereby I remembered she IS a Herding Breed...and that's just what those herding suckers do.

                After that came a "shepherdmom" "Annie" spends the busy part of the comings and goings of her crate, in a back bedroom, w/ the radio on.

                Just picking and choosing my battles I guess?
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                  Love the spray collar but...

                  I think that with the problem you have, the spray collar may not work. The dogs are doing a "territorial/guard" response, AND don't listen to you! Oops!

                  If you know who instigates it, take that one and try one collar on him/her.

                  I use the spray collar in my salon for barkers, and all who have seen it work have been impressed by the response of some very foolish dogs. Some take only a minute or two, some try again a few times, but so far, so good - everyone has stopped and calmed down due to a simple spray! How nice....


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                    Thaks..but still not sure!

                    I thank you all for your replies. Really appreciate all the info that you have provided me with.

                    I don't have 1 instigator, I have 3. The elderly ShihTzu is food possessive, no other dogs should be allowed to eat from any of the 6 dishes, he guards them all and barks like crazy when the other dogs go near any of them. Mannyman, the unknown little breed barks at birds, people, bikes, roller bladers, and the doorbell.
                    Tika the Lhasa mix is insane and will also bark at all those things and is just a matter of who is looking out the window at the time, then the other 2 lose it and they all start acting like mini Cujo's.

                    Tika will be smart enough to figure out the spray collar I think, Mannyman would most likely fall in love with it and Gizmo isn't getting one as I am controlling his behavior, and he has enough things to worry about as he is now incontinent, losing his site and hearing, and his mobility has lessened.
                    So, in your opinion, should I put on one of these shock collars myself and try it out, then put it on the main 2 trouble makers, or should I try the spray?

                    I love them dearly but am thinking of shoving a dirty sock down their throats so I can have some peace. I feel bad for the lives they have lead before coming to live with me, but enough is enough, I need major input to help me make a humane, but working solution.
                    So, everyone take a vote, what do you think will work?

                    AKa Gluergirl / Little_Critters on e-groomer


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                      Why does a food aggressive dog have access to 6 food bowls? Put him in a crate to feed him and prevent him from harassing everyone else at meal time. With multiple dogs, you are asking for trouble leaving food and food bowls out. They don't need a buffet all day.

                      You indicate you feel sorry for them and the lives they had before they came to you. Feeling sorry for them is a very human emotion, but it really just doesn't apply in a dog's mind. Feeling sorry for them makes you a poor pack leader, and they know it. It really sounds like they have gone from bad places to a place with no rules. Dogs don't do well with that, and they are not much better off.

                      You have an unruly pack, and your focus seems to be on stopping the noise rather than solving the issues.

                      A static correction collar is definitely a better solution than a spray collar. The static collar produces a quick and non-lasting correction. Most can be adjusted, either manually, or automatically depending on the collar. The static collar corrects only the offending dog.

                      However, you really need to focus on the situation, not the noise.


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                        Dogs live in the moment, forget about the past and work on the future, use the electric collar, AND work one on one with them, leave the old man out of this. I had a barkin fool, the collar finaly wore out and it would still shut him up, just picking it up would send him a message . Smoe of the collars allow some barking, but flipon at the frequency of the bark.
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                          Well, I am going to leave well enough alone on this one.
                          From now on I will stick to grooming related questions, or just read the posts.
                          Thank you to all of you who have tried the collars as to which worked and which did not work, I appreciate your input into helping me make my decision.

                          AKA Gluergirl /Little_Critters on egroomer


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                            I use the shock collar for my barky mins they barked two times with that collar got a zap and yes they screamed and it broke my heart but in the end when they have that collar on they no longer bark. Its nice to bring peace into your home. I wish you the best))))))


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                              Thanks KDGROOMER
                              I am going to try the shock collar on Tika and Manny.
                              I am also going to ask some of the neighbors to drop by with their dogs, to try to get mine used to the fact that other dogs are around now. It is something that has to be fixed and I wanted to know which collars had the best results from people who used them. Once again I'm glad everyone shared their experiences with the different collars.
                              The barking was under control for the past year or so, but since I started grooming out of the house, things have changed for the worse. I want to do what I can to get them back under control ASAP. It does make life a lot less stressful when there is peace!
                              AKA Gluergirl / Little_Critters on e-groomer