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  • anyone?

    why is it that we as groomers are so dang competitive. It makes for a very stressful work environment. I just want to come in and do my job make the dogs and customers happy but have to feel all the tension. I've only been at this shop for a year (been grooming since 94) and have just recently, as of four months ago started attaining request dogs. And for some reason that just raises the hackles on the backs of some of the other groomers necks. I've been accused of "stealing" dogs whatever that means.

    I honestly miss my old crew I worked with there was never any of that, but alas I live way too far away. I do try to keep my nose to the grindstone so-to-speak, but it eats away at me day by day. Been trying to ignore this as much as possible but to be honest it bothers me that people can be that difficult.

    I know for a fact that there are decent people out there, but where are they. Come on people give me a glimmer of hope for humanity!! I want to see the good in everyone but dang it they make it almost impossible.

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    I feel your pain. I went through it myself, a few years ago. And it got pretty bad. The other groomer went so far as to watch out the window to see when some of my new clients arrived, and would go out to the parking lot to bad mouth me and convince them to refuse to allow me to groom their dog. Eventually she got caught, and she got fired.

    I do think this is partly a management problem, not just a groomer with a bug up her rear problem. But danged if I know what management should do in this instance, because I don't know all of the particulars.


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      Wolfy, all the decent, kind, compassionate and friendly groomers hang out here. I have a theory about why groomers are competitive. Artists have a well-deserved reputation for being, well, weird. And dog people are some of the weirdest folks of all. Artists that work with dogs? Unbelievably quirky and weird-squared. Now, that aint necessarily a bad thing but it does explain a lot!

      Dont take it personally, let your smile be your shield, and continue to treat others like you want to be treated. Your kindness will come back to you tenfold.
      Guard well within yourself that treasure, kindness. Know how to give without hesitation, how to lose without regret, how to acquire without meanness.
      George Sand (1804 - 1876)


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        That's awful!

        But PuppyFluffer is right on - take dog people and artists combined, as well as the fact that many people come from dysfunctional backgrounds and yet can function as groomers, and WHAM! We can be weird!

        Although I know it can be a bit of an emotional blow when someone asks for another groomer, yet it can be many reasons: familiarity, personality, not just a simple "it's a better groom". I think as artists, when we like our own creation, it is difficult when an owner prefers someone ELSE'S art, for one thing.

        That's the way it is. We just need to do our best and make the clients comfortable when there are multiple groomers.


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          When I first started were I work now I came in as kennel help, I was burnt out on grooming and did not want to work in the office, sick of dealing with people to.

          1 of the 2 groomers there was very insecure of me even being there, so when she had personal problems and believe me she had lots, the boss put me in just to fill in because I was already there, then I kept getting pulled for the office, so I eventually went full time in the office.

          The insecure groomer was a total nightmare to me, I told the boss that I quit my last job because the owner was so over the top and after 10 yrs of being treated like that I was by no means going to take the BS the groomer was throwing at me.

          So she told me to hold out and she tried to work with that groomer who had been there 3 yrs to no avail, so finally she told her she was fired and I did step into the grooming postion and have been there 15 yrs grooming now.

          Thing was I had NO desire to groom at that point and this groomer literally hung herself with her paranoid behavior.

          So maybe if you just show them you are above there petty BS and just focus on your work and don't get involved in the catty stuff you will be rewarded in the end.


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            Ditto girls. When an owner prefers one groomer over another it tends to get a bit sticky between coworkers. Some take it as an insult even. It is very silly and some people grow out of it others do not. I have worked in quite a few shops around the country since I was 14 and have run into this at each and every shop. when I was that young I would get really upset, I even found myself down playing my skills so as to have better relations with my colleagues. I was accused of "stealing clients" and being over competitive even when I was purposely down playing. I have never once even thought about attempting on stealing another groomers clients (..well except my moms lol but not like that).Clients change groomers when they feel more comfortable and are pleased with the quality of work for their money. I just so happen to be naturally gifted when it comes to pleasing people and eventually started standing up for not only my own sake, but for my clients as well. Focus on your work and your client relations and as hard as it may be ignore all negative people. Now you can ask them what you could do to make them happier with you and give it a shot. If that is not enough put a wall up and do not focus on them. Life is to short to waste time on Aholes


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              You all rock!! Thanks so much for the pep talk, guess I just needed to know that I'm not crazy ) And yes I do believe that we artists can be "weird" honestly I prefer the word "unique" lol. That's one of the things I told my husband before I married him "are you sure you know what you are getting into?" He couldn't love me any more than he does now.

              I just need to focus on the positive and learn to block the negative.