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Varicose Veins/ grooming pain

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  • Varicose Veins/ grooming pain

    Hey All,

    Ok, I have a question. Are any of you having problems with leg pain associated with Varicose Veins, and if so is there something you do to ease it ?
    My floors downstairs are cold, plywood, that is just painted, and I use a chair with wheels on it so I can sit at times and work on the little dogs, so that helps some. I am wondering if anyone else has this issue because of the floors they stand on, and if so, what did you do to fix it? I was going to buy a mat for the floor, but then my chair would be useless....I also have Fibromyalgia, and had a broken neck that didn't heal right, so I need to sit down at times to help with the pain, or to avoid it...I am full of issues I know LOL!
    So, let me know of any ideas you might have that can help me figure this out, are there socks, stockings? vitamins? anything that works at least for the vein pain/throbbing? I am already on medications, Lyrica, Imiprimine and a narcotic to help with the fibro and the neck issue but it doesn't help with the varicose vein pain, no more drugs...but another solution would be nice if anyone can help!

    Thanks in advance,
    Little_Critters on e-groomer

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    I had mine stripped a few years ago. That fixed the problem. If you are overweight you might want to lose some. That does aggravate the problem.


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      I had a boss long ago that wore two pair of support hose at one time.
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        compression stockings are a great help! Yet another reason to raise prices


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          I really don't want to get them stripped, I have only 3 bad ones just under and behind my knee, and no, I am not overweight I don't think, just average 5'8" a size 10 but heading towards an 8 soon LOL! They run in my family and I have had these 3 since my 20's.

          I guess I will try getting an anti fatigue mat, that somebody suggested in a PM, it may help with the cushioning, and keep my feet directly off the cold floor...If I trusted my basement more, maybe in floor heating. I also have a contractor friend coming in the spring to put a separate entrance in, maybe I'll get him to put down some cushioned flooring as well.

          Thanks for the help
          AKA LIttle_Critters on e-groomer


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            I had my stripped in the summer and all ready seeing some returning in one leg. Compression stockings do help. Also try to go between standing and sitting as much as possible. Some people are just more prone to them than others. There are a lot of people in my family who have them - genetics can play a huge part.
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              almost forgot

              My grooming shop is concrete flooring as well, In 1/2 of the shop... I had a contractor come in a build a raised platform floor 6 inches high of wood and sub floor...then we put flooring down, that was a big help.