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    Anyone on here do the scent of the month club? Do you like the product? Do you charge extra for it? Are your clients willing to pay for it?

    We just got February and it smells icky! It's "strawberry passion" or something like that, and it smells like sugary-sweet-cough-syrup-candy gross stuff. I liked November's pumpkin spice, and January's warm oatmeal smells like cupcakes, but the February scent and December scents were yucky.

    We've been doing it since like October, and the leftovers are piling up. No one seems to be interested in paying for it. Also, I don't think it actually cleans that well compared to some of our other shampoos.

    Boss has told us we got to do something with it (and of course she wants to make $ with it). So far, we've come up with (not saying these are good ideas, just what coworkers brainstormed):

    -buy toothbrushing, get a free shampoo upgrade

    -spend $60/yr (pro-rated now) to get shampoo upgrade for every groom + membership in shampoo club (we give you a small bottle filled with scent of month shampoo, you can refill it as many times as you want per year). Boss figured if we sold a few memberships, it would pay for us having the scent of the month

    -free scent of the month shampoo upgrade for prebooking within 6 weeks (I like this cause I'm trying to build my clientele, boss doesn't like because it doesn't directly make her more $)

    What have you done to get people to buy this? Did you end up ditching the club?

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    I've been a member since about the same time. I don't charge any extra for the shampoo since it's about the same price of what I was paying before.
    I've been happy with the smells except for the oatmeal one....too strong for me.
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      I haven't done it myself so I can't honestly tell ya firsthand, but I gotta say, I see a LOT of people that have unused gallons. It seems to be a money sucker in most cases.
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        We just charge a shampoo/cologne upgrade fee of $3.00.

        But, we also take the previous month's leftovers and they become our base shampoo until we use it all up.

        Personally, I am not a fan of the club. I don't like most of their chosen scents. And, you are right on by saying that a lot of their monthly scents suck. I LOVED the Pumpkin and the Oatmeal ones. Other than that, I think they are just blah.

        If I chose the shampoos, I'd go IOD Salon Elements. But, that's neither here nor there.


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          What is shampoo of the month club?
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