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  • coloring question!

    Has anyone tried or thought of using an airbrush for stenciling on dogs? I dont use color much{once!},but on my own pug I have used the blopens,which are non existance now,and was thinking about the airbrush.
    I dont know how the color would work,if you could maybe dilute manic panic,maybe?
    Any thoughts,ideas on this? Thanks!!

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    Anybody??!! Anyone have any thoughts on using an air gun to apply color? Just wondering...still!!


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      I would love to try this, but air brush guns are expensive. I was looking into getting one for cakes and they have the edible paint liquid, so of course I thought hmmmmmm... I could do Zero with this too. But it would probably rub off.


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        They're not that expensive. You can find them on Amazon for $20 for a starter kit. Of course it's for beginners..but if you've never used one before then that's probably best.


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          I seen one at Hobby Lobby for like $25.00. I really just wonder about how the color would work in it.ive never used one,but dont think it would be hard.They use them for cakes,and of course,paints,so I dont know why a hair dye couldnt go in. Im soooo curious!I might just break down and buy one and try it out and if it dont work,then Im only out a little money huh? unless someone has tried it and it does not work at all....anyone??!! Thanks guys!